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To want to quit my first job after six months

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NinaBiina Wed 29-Jun-16 23:44:55

Six months ago i qualified as a nurse and accepted my first post in a central London NHS hospital. Throughout training we're warned about the struggles of the first year of being newly qualified but this feels like a whole new level. Lack of time, poor communication between professionals and minimal support makes me feel like I'm delivering such a poor quality of care, nothing close to the standards I had envisioned as a student. I'm physically and mentally drained...I've lost count of the amount of poor surgeons' shoulders I've cried onto when it's almost two hours after my shift has ended and I'm still there. Im struggling so much but don't want to approach my line manager in case I am actually just being a bit of a wimp and need to just toughen up. It also doesn't help that the other newly qualified on the ward is finding the first year "surprisingly easy"

whatamockerywemake Wed 29-Jun-16 23:47:08

if you quit, what would be your plan?

Do you think things will get better once you know the systems etc better?

it's hard to comment from what you've given here, other than your worklife sounds awful, for which if give you flowers

NinaBiina Wed 29-Jun-16 23:50:41

I thought things would get better once I adjusted to working in a new trust but honestly things seem worse...I thrive under pressure but this is unreal! I don't really have a plan right now, having only worked six months here would require some awkward explaining during any future interviews if I quit now

purplefox Wed 29-Jun-16 23:53:19

Do you know why there's such a difference between you and the first year that's finding it easy?

NinaBiina Wed 29-Jun-16 23:59:02

the other nurse is so confident in all aspects of her life (we're good friends out of work) my senior was asking what I hadn't been charge nurse for a shift, remarking how the other newly qualified did it after a month! I'm naturally quite shy and not particularly self confident which doesn't help but I know I am a competent nurse

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