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AIBU to move to Scotland because England is now officially shit?

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BoffinMum Wed 29-Jun-16 22:33:48

Just that really.
Where's a good place to live to escape all the Brexit madness?
I prefer Nicola Sturgeon to any of the psychopaths allegedly 'running' the country down here.

fakenamefornow Wed 29-Jun-16 22:36:25

Can we come with you? If Scotland is going to be independent soon then hopefully we'll be back in the EU.

thepothasboiledover Wed 29-Jun-16 22:36:47

For fucks sake how bored must you be hmm

RufusTheReindeer Wed 29-Jun-16 22:38:07

Scotland is too cold

Apparently its forecast to snow

BoffinMum Wed 29-Jun-16 22:39:11

I am a bit concerned about the weather, yes, but then again it's been pissing with rain here since new year's day

PresidentCJCregg Wed 29-Jun-16 22:39:29

Yes, mon in, we're shitting ourselves as much as you but we're hopeful too.

The rules are:
No Morris dancing
They're called rolls not baps or barms or batches
That's about it.

BoffinMum Wed 29-Jun-16 22:40:23

Will I need to bring a kilt or are they provided?

Wolfiefan Wed 29-Jun-16 22:41:21

I call them rolls! Yay!
Never Morris danced in my life.
I would rather have snow than hate and drizzle!

manicinsomniac Wed 29-Jun-16 22:41:29


One of the main arguments I heard about why it was important to remain was that the EU isn't perfect but we needed to help it change and reform from within and that it isn't in the 'British spirit/value system' to run off and abandon something because it isn't completely right or isn't benefitting us.

Then shit happened and somehow the leave campaign won and now those values aren't important any more? The EU was worth working with to save but the UK isn't?

BoffinMum Wed 29-Jun-16 22:41:40

Do I need to get a Nicola Sturgeon haircut?

BoffinMum Wed 29-Jun-16 22:42:26

Nah, Manic, I just fucking hate Gove and Johnson. And Farage. In fact all psychopaths.

BerriesandLeaves Wed 29-Jun-16 22:42:26


PresidentCJCregg Wed 29-Jun-16 22:42:35

Kilts are provided at the border.

And Nicola is in charge of a lot of shit but haircuts ain't one...

trixymalixy Wed 29-Jun-16 22:43:48

Manic, Scotland is in the UK. For the moment anyway. HTH.

peachpudding Wed 29-Jun-16 22:44:32

LOL, I left Scotland because it was shit, England is a LOT better.

Grass is always greener young children

pearlylum Wed 29-Jun-16 22:44:58

Presumably all those in England will be required to get a Boris haircut soon.....

BoffinMum Wed 29-Jun-16 22:44:59

So Edinburgh or Glasgow?
Which is posher?

Destinysdaughter Wed 29-Jun-16 22:45:22

Cameron sure as hell has run away...

PresidentCJCregg Wed 29-Jun-16 22:46:00

Edinburgh. But there's tons of nice places.

cdtaylornats Wed 29-Jun-16 22:46:23

Nicolas just been put in her box by the Spanish, so no EU here. If she tries for independence again its going to get ugly. People were angry last time I think there could be considerable violence if it comes round again.

BoffinMum Wed 29-Jun-16 22:46:25

So is Scotland boring then?

helensburgh Wed 29-Jun-16 22:46:29

Come to galloway. It's fab..just over the border. Loads of space beaches and forests galore.
Door panic although nicola and Ruth are like krankie clones you don't have to dress or have their hair dos

BoffinMum Wed 29-Jun-16 22:48:21

<arf> Yes, they are a bit like Krankee clones, this is true. Never saw it before. Love MN for pointing out things like that.

OvO Wed 29-Jun-16 22:48:34

Boring? shock

That's you barred, Boffin. No kilt for you!

BoffinMum Wed 29-Jun-16 22:49:45

What do Scottish people do for fun? I need to make sure at no point I am forced to relive the Lincolnshire experience of my yoof.

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