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Hairdresser asked me why I don't go to her anymore

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Whenwillwe3meetagain Tue 28-Jun-16 20:44:22

I found this a bit odd and wondered if it's me being over sensitive?

Live in London and used to go to local hairdresser for highlights and cut etc. have been going to her for a couple of years and she did my wedding hair so know her pretty well.

Couldn't afford the £160 +tip while on maternity (couldn't really when working ft) and can't now I work part time. Walking home by her shop and she called out to me and asked why I don't go to her anymore. I said you are too expensive for me unfortunately, she seemed pretty put out. Then she said I don't always wave when I go past. The fact is I go by several times a day and it's weird to acknowledge her each time is it? Especially as I'm no longer a customer.

How should I have dealt with this?

BerylStreep Tue 28-Jun-16 20:46:27

It seems a bit pushy tbh. She asked, you gave an explanation. To now expect you to wave several times a day is a bit over the top.

Arfarfanarf Tue 28-Jun-16 20:47:03

Exactly as you did.
She has no right to expect your custom.
She asked and you gave honest feedback.
If she wants to be stroppy about it that's her problem.

NickyEds Tue 28-Jun-16 20:47:03

You dealt with it fine. She was being arsey.

Queenbean Tue 28-Jun-16 20:50:01

You dealt with it fine

My favourite hairdresser doesn't give a toss if I go elsewhere, she does it nicely anyway. Plus she doesn't tell me off for not coming frequently enough or having straw like rats tails because I overuse my straighteners

I love her and am very loyal now!

acasualobserver Tue 28-Jun-16 20:50:59

I'd start walking home on the other side of the road.

ClownsToTheLeftOfMe Tue 28-Jun-16 20:51:12

I change hairdressers all the time. I certainly dont expect to be questioned about it. And £160+?! shock She even had to ask? And the waving?? confused Edge away.

Maybenot321 Tue 28-Jun-16 20:52:56

I think you dealt with it really well, she's being really weird.

Mishaps Tue 28-Jun-16 20:56:59

£160 - you must be joking! I pay £6 for mine.

Queenbean Tue 28-Jun-16 20:58:44

I pay £250 a time for mine to be coloured but get the full colour works and think it's worth every penny. You do, after all, wear your hair every day.

TheWernethWife Tue 28-Jun-16 21:00:28

£160 for highlights and a cut - ridiculous price, who are you seeing, John Frieda?

Liara Tue 28-Jun-16 21:01:21

She was probably feeling awkward at being told she was expensive - she probably felt you were giving her the cold shoulder and wanted to know if she had done something wrong.

You explained, and that's that. End of problem. I probably would have just clarified that you are not pissed off with her, but your circumstances have changed, but what you said is fine.

TheWernethWife Tue 28-Jun-16 21:02:09

FFS - some very expensive hairdressers on here.

SaveSomeSpendSome Tue 28-Jun-16 21:02:21

£160 for a hair cut and im presuming a colour? Holy fuck!!

The most i ve ever paid is £70

Queenbean Tue 28-Jun-16 21:06:11

Why FFS? People like to spend money on different things. My money = my choice.

ChicRock Tue 28-Jun-16 21:09:37

Here we go. Unless you're box dying your own hair at home and cutting it yourself with the kitchen scissors you won't please some people. grin

You dealt with it just fine OP. She has shot herself in the foot as, if and when there comes a time that you are looking to go to a hairdresser again, you won't consider going back to get as she's made you feel uncomfortable. Her loss.

hotdiggedy Tue 28-Jun-16 21:18:29

£250? Really? How often?

GoldBear Tue 28-Jun-16 21:23:09

Gosh, sounds embarrassing. Poor you.

janethegirl2 Tue 28-Jun-16 21:26:15

Highlights and a cut cost me around £140 and it's worth every penny. I get it done by the top stylist and it looks great.
As queenbean says, you wear your hair every day.
I absolutely love my stylist and can recommend her to anyone. And I absolutely loathe going to hairdressers sad

CreepingDogFart Tue 28-Jun-16 21:30:30




I hope these people aren't moaning about austerity

Queenbean Tue 28-Jun-16 21:30:46

2-3 times a year. The guy that does my colour doesn't just do highlights, he does a mix of high, low, baby lights, balayage, freehand of colour, plus uses a really good colour conditioning treatment. He is a creative genius! He has turned my hair around from looking brassy to sunkissed, and I was paying about £100 in a high street chain, he is worth every bit of money to me!

Queenbean Tue 28-Jun-16 21:33:29

Oh I'm so sorry CreepingDog, what would you rather I spent my own money, that I earn myself, by working for on? hmm

LuluJakey1 Tue 28-Jun-16 21:36:28

I pay £7.00 and my hairdresser friend pops round to do it.

RJnomore1 Tue 28-Jun-16 21:40:49

I think the £5 hairdo is the new mumsnet chicken.

I agree queen bean I pay between £100-£220 depending what I get done (from root touch up to full new head of colour) and my hairdresser is worth every penny, I can afford it though ; I wouldn't do it if I couldn't. So I don't judge anyone who colours their own and I don't expect them to judge me.


NotAnArtist Tue 28-Jun-16 21:42:30

Queenbean where do you go, if you don't mind me asking?
I pay a fairly hefty amount for balayage in London, but it doesn't ever look quite right! I'd rather pay more and have something that looks good as it grows out.

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