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to think that if you sell a bra whose main USP is that it is soft, seamless with no exposed edges or elastic

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Sadik Tue 28-Jun-16 09:07:14

. . . you shouldn't put sodding scratchy 'lace' trim on it?
I wear Sloggi double comfort crop tops and have done for years, they're soft, cotton, and nothing scratchy or irritating. They're also boring, plain and not stylish and have been the same since the year dot.
Just bought 4 new ones from JL in the online sale (pic same as ever) and they've got a funny rickrack lacy trim. WTF is the point of that . . . anyone who wants a pretty bra isn't going to buy them, anyone who buys them surely does so because they're comfortable (hint, sloggi, clue is in the name).
Rant over grin

BigDamnNCFail Tue 28-Jun-16 09:11:22

As an almost certainly autistic person with huge sensory issues around scratchy tags/seams etc. (who had seam unpickers hidden around the house in case I suddenly need to remove a tag from clothing!) I can confidently say YA soooooo NOT BU.

I HATE scratchy clothes.

Sadik Tue 28-Jun-16 09:15:19

Exactly BigDamn. The original style is soooo comfy & not scratchy, too sad

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