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Please help - ex refusing mediation but constantly bullying me via access

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Theladyloriana Tue 28-Jun-16 08:12:39

Sorry for urgent message. I have had legal aid hour Which sucfdsted mediation. I left in Jan. Ex repeatedly changes plans, gets very angry when asked to time time off for illness, I work 3.5 days, threatens to refuse to allow them away with me, won't let me have pass ports etc etc. Been trying to keep on even keel by appeasing etc.
Legal aid solicitor 130 per hour for legal help. Can I just pay a barrister to help me court order contact times etc as he has refused mediation? Shaking and in complete state as he's refusing to take time off yet again for kids illness and my job is suffering .

RedHelenB Tue 28-Jun-16 08:36:12

Who should have the children now? Remember you cant Make your ex have them so unfortunately you have to take him out the equation regarding illness on a work day.

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