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AIBU to be annoyed about doctors appointment system being "on the day only"?

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MissClarke86 Mon 27-Jun-16 18:30:26

I've just had to register with a new doctors as my old one was closed down.

I want to see a doctor for a non urgent problem, but apparently they only give appointments on the day and you have to ring at 8am. Which will likely mean spending 30 minutes on hold (during work hours) while everyone else phones up too.

Now I understand this if it's urgent so that they can triage and assign priority appointments quickly, but it ISNT urgent and isn't something I'm willing to ask my boss for time off work for. I feel like I'm taking the piss even spending that amount of time on the phone at work.

I'd happily wait a few weeks to get an appointment.

Why can't they just book some appointments in advance, and save others for urgent on the day appointments? Im sure they have their reasons but it's frustrating and likely puts a lot of people off making appointments if they don't see their problem as 'urgent' (even though it could be!)

BrieAndChilli Mon 27-Jun-16 18:37:00

It drives me mad, DS had emergency surgery and the surgeon said to take him to the GP 2 weeks later just to check all healing nicely etc, knowing that it can be a pain to get appts I rang up straight away to get an appointment for 2 weeks time - to be told oh we can't boom that far in advance you need to ring up the day before you want the appt!
So I duly ring up the day before around 10am to be told oh no we are fully booked up for tomorrow now but you can ring at 8am to get an emergency appt!!!!
Rang at 8am after a trillion tried of getting through surprise surprise all emergency appts had gone!
I was then told 'the next appointment available is in 2 weeks time!!!'
I did go into quite a rant!!!!

MrsJoeyMaynard Mon 27-Jun-16 18:38:51


Thankfully my GP surgery has a proportion of appointments that can be booked ahead.

It must be immensely frustrating to be unable to book appointments in advance for non-emergencies. Especially if you have a job or other commitments at a distance from the GP surgery.

MissBattleaxe Mon 27-Jun-16 18:54:56

It's a stupid system that doesn't serve anyone. What's the sense in telling everyone to ring at the same time?

At my GP, you have to go in person to ask for an appt and you almost always get one the same day. You can even send someone to get an appt slot for you. It works really well and I've always got a same day appt.

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