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Single person on a health kick - recipe ideas!

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SandysMom Sun 26-Jun-16 22:57:41

Just me to cook for, ideally looking for fairly quick things to knock up for dinner. Ideally no dairy and no wheat, but lots of veg.

Here is my list of poss recipes but would love any/all other suggestions:

Avocado on wheat-free toast
Brown rice pasta with assorted veg
Chickpea "pizza" with veg & vegan cheese
Stew with chickpea, squash, spinach
Veg fritatta/omelette
Veg stir-fry with quinoa/rice mix
Fish and salad with quinoa/rice or sweet pot
Stuffed peppers

justilou Sun 26-Jun-16 23:10:57

There are heaps of fabulous food-prep ideas on Pinterest... I have been experimenting with courgette pizza bases (cauliflower ones have very antisocial side effects in my house!!!)

CreepyPasta Sun 26-Jun-16 23:11:35

3 bean chilli - chuck a load of veg in too
Vegetable fajitas but use lettuce leaves for wraps
Stuffed mishrooms - use nutritional yeast instead of cheese on top
Veg lasagne with leeks instead of pasta sheets
Spiralized veg with a tomato sauce
Veg soup - just chuck whatever you've got in a pan with tinned tomatos and stock

If not veggie could also add meat/fish to the above for extra protein

HTH smile

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