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Aibu can anyone show me the positives

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Tinabn Sun 26-Jun-16 06:34:15

I am drowning in despair at I time when everything in my life is becoming near to perfect with the immediate family achieving their goals in retirement, employment and, even weight loss, the world seems to be falling apart. I read a post from someone who voted out on here and she basically said that now everyone would find out what it was like to have zero hours, no chance of a mortgage, no hope like her. I worked all my life trying to encourage aspiration and the need to help others and we seem to be in a society that just wants to kick out without thought and destroy anything that might help everyone. I am in despair, I expect my family will be ok but what I am reading saddens me to the point that I struggle to keep going. Please show me there is a future where we can help each other

daisychain01 Sun 26-Jun-16 06:57:14

Honestly, I would step away from all the hysteria and so much conflicting misinformation on here, on Facebook and all over the Internet. Nobody can predict the future, so scaring each other half to death is not helpful or constructive. It's enough to drive anyone mad. Some people have nothing better to do than drum up hysteria.

Let's get on with life, in the best way we can. Don't take any of it too seriously.

VulcanWoman Sun 26-Jun-16 07:11:50

Sounds like you've been living in a comfortable bubble and are a tad worried the bubble might pop. What and where have you been doing/to all your life to help others?

Oysterbabe Sun 26-Jun-16 07:14:03

Maybe read one of the other billion threads on this topic. And vote lib dem!

Janecc Sun 26-Jun-16 07:15:45

I understand how you feel. I've been in tears several times. The implications for my family is much more. Switch the tv and radio off or watch something else.

fuctifino Sun 26-Jun-16 07:22:15

The armchair experts on here, social media and anywhere else they think people may listen, know nothing of what is going to happen.
The so called experts have little idea either, what hope have can 'joe public' have in such complex, multi faceted issues?
As far as I can see, Switzerland is not a poor, racist, bigoted country, so I'm not sure why it has been predicted Britain will be.
Sit back and enjoy the ride that we, very probably, can't get off smile

Basicbrown Sun 26-Jun-16 07:26:07

You see my life isnt perfect, my mum died very suddenly and too young recently. I think you need to live for the moment, be grateful for what you have and enjoy your perfect life while you have it.

No one knows if Brexit is a good or bad thing most people I know can see advantages and disadvantages of both sides. Shrugs, just get on with it.

NewStickers Sun 26-Jun-16 07:40:03

I am with you op. The people who say we don't know what will happen are misleading at best. We know there will be a recession. We know there will be a resurgence in the far right.

Be kind to yourself. Let yourself be upset and angry for as long as you need. Then, we have to try to channel all our energies into healing the divisions in society. Don't react to people who are trying to stoke up hate or divisiveness or bitterness. Lots of people voted leave for positive reasons. Even though I disagree with their logic I can agree with their sentiment. i am going to find those people and work with them to make this as good as possible.

Tinabn Sun 26-Jun-16 18:20:39

Thanks for your advice. I had been ill for several years, then last year it seemed because I was ok everyone else who I loved faced cancer, job loss, ill health etc and from New Year's Eve 2014 to February this year we faced each month with 'what next'! At least we had 4 months with nothing to worry about. Believe it or not Vulcan Woman I am more concerned for the country and those with nothing left, I can afford to cut back and not suffer too much, but those at rock bottom will have even less help coming to them. I was in the education sector in an inner city area for over 30 years and saw families struggling to cope, working 2 or more jobs. Every time a pupil left for further study I was encouraged. I hope I helped them a bit.

Tinabn Sun 26-Jun-16 18:21:30

And I joined the Lib Dems yesterday!

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