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Just a little consideration!

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Probableunstoppable Sun 26-Jun-16 00:16:31

We have 2 kids under 2 years old. Hubby is a lovely Daddy but only started doing night feeds recently (youngest is 10 months old but still wakes twice nightly) He's a very active guy and has given up a lot of freedom since we started our family, but so have I! He says he finds the night duty hard work... Well hello, I've been doing it for the last 2 years! He's only done it a couple of times per month but also gets to go off for weekends away with his mates for action weekends. I don't begrudge him that, but he doesn't even call to say goodnight! Am I being over sensitive? I never refuse his adventures but feel like we're lacking something?

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sun 26-Jun-16 02:16:52

(((((((((((())))))))))))))<-- Massive hug.
As lovely as it must be having 2 little ones so close In age and both under 2. It must be exhausting hard work.
Of course you're not being unreasonable. To expect him to pull his weight. Unless your pregnancies were a result of an imaculate conception, then. I'll assume he helped create these children.

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 26-Jun-16 06:03:51

This bit is so hard. The best way is for everyone to realize things have changed, the kids needs are first and everyone has to pitch in.

It's really not fair that he does a couple of nights a month and complains while he gets to go away while you hold the fort and do all the night wakings.

Are you telling him how hard you find it? Not at the time but when people are relaxed...

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