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AIBU to consider dual citizenship?

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minniewinnie Sat 25-Jun-16 12:21:15

I have been told by my DSis this morning that we are eligible for dual citizenship as one of our DGP was from an EU country. AIBU to be thinking seriously about applying? I won't have considered it if we had voted remain, but given the uncertainty regarding free movement (visas etc) I think this may be a good option for me both personally and professionally. Would this be considered using this other country if I never intend to live there? Are others considering this option, given the outcome of the referendum?

geekaMaxima Sat 25-Jun-16 12:22:26

Do it. You definitely will not be alone.

GrumpyOldBag Sat 25-Jun-16 12:23:16

Yes, we have been considering it for a while.

We have a holiday house in another EU country and DH's dad was a citizen of that country, DH has been going through the process of applying for a passport from that country for a while. It is hard though as both his parents are dead.

teaandcake789 Sat 25-Jun-16 12:24:18

YANBU. My father was born in another eu country so I have automatic citizenship of that and can apply for citizenship for my children and I will. An EU passport will be highly beneficial for us I'm sure. Either way, it will do no harm to have it

minniewinnie Sat 25-Jun-16 12:28:40

I think the rules mean that my DM is an automatic citizen, as her DM (my DGM) was born in an EU country - although she doesn't have a passport for there or the UK. My DGM sadly passed away more than 15 years ago, but I have access to her documentation - will this affect my application?

EveOnline2016 Sat 25-Jun-16 12:31:59

Would you have to pay taxes in both countries.

BeyondTellingEveryoneRealFacts Sat 25-Jun-16 12:33:42

I'm one generation too far down, or i'd be doing it!

Branleuse Sat 25-Jun-16 12:37:27

it doesnt work with all EU countries unfortunately. Some of them you have to have a direct parent from there, or in my case my maltese grandmother doesnt qualify me, but it would have done if it was my grandfather.
I may be able to get Irish though

ShanghaiDiva Sat 25-Jun-16 12:37:28

I have US citizenship and British and never intend to live in the US - just use it to join the short queue!
For US citizens you need to file tax returns regardless of domicile, but I think US is the exception rather than the rule.

ShanghaiDiva Sat 25-Jun-16 12:40:14

Depends on the EU country. Ds was born in Germany but not entitled to citizenship as we only lived there for 5 years before he was born.
There are also different rules depending on when you were born - e.g rule for ds applies as he was born after 1st January 2000.

minniewinnie Sat 25-Jun-16 12:50:42

I've done a little research, DGM was Irish and it looks fairly simple. I think if I apply now then my DC, when I have them, will also be eligible through me - so a bonus for them I think. I'm going to contact DM to get the birth certificates and start the process before any rules change, lol!

minniewinnie Sat 25-Jun-16 12:51:52

I'm not sure about taxes! I'll have to look into that smile

MaidOfStars Sat 25-Jun-16 12:53:45

I have my Irish passport application ready to go. I suspect the waiting time might be long though. No, you don't need to pay tax there.

Frazzled2207 Sat 25-Jun-16 13:22:01

Def look into it. I'm looking into irish passport for my dcs, because my dad is irish. If it means I need one as well, then so be it.

Luckystar1 Sat 25-Jun-16 13:22:08

I have dual citizenship, I don't pay taxes in both countries. My children also have dual citizenship. The husband will be in the long queue though wink.

In all honesty (and this is not directed at the op or anyone else) I'm not 100% sure how I feel about this clambering for dual citizenship now (but that's largely to do with my background I guess), although I certainly wouldn't judge anyone for doing it!!

elizabethdraper Sat 25-Jun-16 13:27:06

The Irish Passport office was hammered yesterday with people trying apply for one. The same with those looking to apply for citizenship

bestcatintheworld Sat 25-Jun-16 13:28:12

I can't have it, but I'm applying for my children

LineyReborn Sat 25-Jun-16 13:30:14

I hope Scotland will do this, when the time comes.

Sunsetplumset Sat 25-Jun-16 13:32:07

yeah go for it op, better to be safe then sorry

Draylon Sat 25-Jun-16 13:34:43

I believe pretty much all countries have arrangements so you'r enot taxed in both.

FTR my whole family hold dual citizenship- but with Australia, not a EU country, but that knowledge is the only lifeboat we have!

CooeeOnlyMe Sat 25-Jun-16 13:35:12

Go for it. My DH and DCs have had dual nationality for a while.

I'm fucked, though. Traced my family back to 1803 and nobody was born anywhere more exotic than Retford. smile

wannabetennisplayer Sat 25-Jun-16 13:35:49

I really wish I had the option but, unfortunately, I don't meet the ancestory requirements.

I've seen several commenters from Brexit-ers saying that Remainers should shut up/support the Brexit or leave the country and I'm thinking 'Where the hell do you want me to go? Thanks to this vote, I can't live anywhere else!' confused

minniewinnie Sat 25-Jun-16 13:37:06

I agree Luckystar1 , I hate the thought of having to jump onto this idea just because of the referendum, but one (of the many) aspects of the UK leaving the EU will be that is takes away my right of free movement. I do visit family in Ireland somewhat regularly though and this helps me feel a little better about an application smile . Just got to find all the supporting documents now!!

Lunde Sat 25-Jun-16 13:39:40

I am British but have lived in Sweden for many years with my Danish husband and our children. I had never considered any other Nationality other than my British citizenship but I applied for dual-citizenship the same week that the Brexit referendum was announced. I am disabled and felt that the situation was very uncertain - who knows what the final negotiations will be regarding living, working and healthcare?

Luckily the naturalisation process was quick and pretty cheap - and I received my Swedish citizenship less than 2 weeks later.

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