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School transition for SN child

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Frustratedandfedup Sat 25-Jun-16 10:52:29

Struggling to find any answers online so have come here for advice. I know I should've posted this on the SN boards, but there's more traffic here and I need a solution now because I feel utterly hopeless at the moment.

My child has moderate ASD and is due to start at a mainstream school in September (not disabled enough for a special school apparently) and they have told me that they want me to only bring him in one hour a day for the whole first term, because it'll take them that long to get support for him! He's currently does full days in the nursery next door to the school, he will have no problems settling but because of his lack of danger awareness they need someone to supervise him and they don't have the staff.

I'm a single parent, I work shifts, have no family nearby and the school is out of catchment so don't have any friends who can help out. I can't just take six weeks of work! There are no other suitable schools nearby (plus his sibling is at this one) the LEA won't send him to a special school and I don't really want to have to shove him in a new unfamiliar nursery and keep paying £120 a week in nursery fees when I don't have to (also there will be no space for him at his current nursery in September)

Please help me! Is there anyone I can contact about this, what are my rights? I was fully expecting a week or so of phasing in to school, but six weeks! Can I hire some sort of support worker whilst they are sorting their funding out? Feeling utterly miserable about the whole situation.

HeddaGarbled Sat 25-Jun-16 10:57:52

I think that might be illegal exclusion. I sympathise with the school because it is difficult but they will just have to shift staff around to cater for your son's needs until the funding comes in.

IPSEA is an excellent parent support organisation. Have a look on their website for information. They have a helpline too.

ThisisMajorTomtoGroundControl Sat 25-Jun-16 11:20:10

I agree with Hedda. Definitely challenge this and look up IPSEA. In our area we have things like Bristol Parent Carers, supportive Parents and Bristol Autism Support which are brilliant at peer support and advice. Have a look to see if you have similar in your area.

Frustratedandfedup Sat 25-Jun-16 11:30:44

Thanks, I've booked a phone call with them on Tuesday. This is a complete nightmare, I've never felt so low.

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Sat 25-Jun-16 11:40:06

I don't know the exact terms...
But a child is entitled to education from the September after their 4th birthday.

Surely if they can can get someone in for an hour, they have got someone!

elliejjtiny Sat 25-Jun-16 11:50:08

My boys school did this to my friends dd. Her 1-1 only worked part time so she was only allowed to do mornings. Ds2 was part time too but that was our request as he has physical disabilities and was still having an afternoon nap at 4.

It's not fair if that's not what you want and I hope you get something sorted.

Fayrazzled Sat 25-Jun-16 11:54:45

Does your child have an ECHP?

Frustratedandfedup Sat 25-Jun-16 12:00:35

No ECHP. In the process of it apparently, it's been going on forever. Really mentally drained.

weirdsister Sat 25-Jun-16 12:01:26

No they can't legally do that op. Have they specified which of your ds's needs they can't meet?
Make sure that you put everything in writing from now on. Apply for an EHCP because this will help to prove that school can't meet his needs.

ThisisMajorTomtoGroundControl Sat 25-Jun-16 12:02:01

Schools in England get additional funding to deal with Sen issues like this. They can absolutely use this out of their budget to fund an additional 1-1 to cover this transition period.

Frustratedandfedup Sat 25-Jun-16 12:14:29

wierdsister They have said because he isn't toilet trained, and puts things in his mouth that he shouldn't do that he needs extra supervision and they only have one TA at the moment. They also seemed concerned by his hand flapping, incase he accidentally hits another child confused ...he's rarely violent towards other children though, it's certainly never been an issue

ThisIsMajor We are in Wales but I assume the same still applies? I would even pay for one myself for that period rather than risk my job, I just don't know how to go about it! If they'd told me this BEFORE I gave notice at the nursery, I wouldn't have taken him out of there. But I was only told yesterday. It's very unfair

honkinghaddock Sat 25-Jun-16 12:16:00

They cannot legally do this. Your child has the same right to be there full time as any other child. Ask them to put in writing what they have told you so you have evidence they have said this but tell them he will be attending in the same way as all the other children. The special needs code of practice makes it clear they must do this. Also whatever school or nursery are doing, I would apply for an ehcp yourself.

weirdsister Sat 25-Jun-16 12:20:14

Ask to see their continence policy- all schools should have one. Did they put this in writing?

Msqueen33 Sat 25-Jun-16 12:22:09

In England we can self apply for an echp. My dd has asd and I did this before school. We applied in the June and had it for the August. It might take them longer to get a TA but it will start things off. We made sure school knew she was coming. Our youngest has asd and she doesn't start until 2017 so we're applying now. Get in touch with ipsea and your council sen and put a parental request in. Your nursery really should have driven it. We didn't start ft school until the Jan.

FitbitAddict Sat 25-Jun-16 12:27:29

The SEN code of practice applies to both England and Wales. Google it and read the bits about parents and schools. Your son being on the school's SEN register triggers funding in the school's allocation from the local authority. Ring the local authority's SEN dept and get them involved too. If he is transferring from a private setting to a school there should be a process by which early years advisors are managing the transition.

FitbitAddict Sat 25-Jun-16 12:28:17

Also, the EHCP deadline is 20 weeks, so it shouldn't have been going on forever.

insan1tyscartching Sat 25-Jun-16 12:36:23

The school can apply for emergency funding to cover support needs up until the EHCP is in place so they should be pre empting the situation and sorting that now. In England or in our county at least it is called TAP (temporary additional pupil support) funding it's almost certainly available to schools in your area although it might have a different name. I would do as advised earlier in that you write to the school advising them that your ds will be attending full time in line with his peers and school should be contacting the LA with regards to funding all additional support needed up until the time the EHCP is in place.

Elismum669 Sat 25-Jun-16 13:20:07

Contact your local National Autistic Society parent support check NAS website if not sure where your local group is and/or information Advice Support services (IASS) working in conjunction with Barnados.

Elismum669 Sat 25-Jun-16 13:21:16

If really stuck go back to CDC or wherever child was diagnosed for signposting - were you not given any contact info at diagnosis?

PeppasNanna Sat 25-Jun-16 13:27:46

The reality if having a SN child is mainstream is pretty awful.
This is an illegal exclusion. Your school know it too.

EHCplans are taking over 50 weeks in this borough.

Why wasn't the EHCplan been started months ago?

I had to ask for unpaid leave in your situation. My ds didn't go fulltime until the February of Yr2.

Get outside agencies involved. Parent Partnership, IPSEA, DCT, Camhs etc

Good luck.

Frustratedandfedup Sat 25-Jun-16 16:52:28

If I offer to pay for a 1:1 myself until they get the funding, they have to agree to that right?

weirdsister Sat 25-Jun-16 17:02:10

'Also, the EHCP deadline is 20 weeks, so it shouldn't have been going on forever.'
You don't live in my LA then.

Frustratedandfedup Sat 25-Jun-16 17:09:54

I don't know how long it's been going on for - I've had so many meeting with different people, apparently they started the process a while ago but I have never received any letters through regarding it. I've emailed SNAP to see if they can help me.

Wonkydonkey44 Sat 25-Jun-16 17:10:49

Has your child got a statement ?

Frustratedandfedup Sat 25-Jun-16 17:14:53

Not at the moment - in the process of getting one

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