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to be furious with DH for not voting

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dabofriojakitten Sat 25-Jun-16 07:10:32

Sorry, another brexit thread. I'm so angry with him though, we moved about 6 weeks ago and he just never got round to registering to vote. He's very politically aware and reads the papers etc but he just presumed the result would be remain. I'm annoyed with him because I mentioned it a few times and there was even a bloody extension to allowing people to register! We have a 8m old baby and I'm angry that he didn't bother to vote in a referendum that is going to affect her future so much.

Agh I need to get over it and he is feeling guilty about the whole thing but AGH what a knob.

PPie10 Sat 25-Jun-16 07:11:37

Yes you do need to get over it now.

amy85 Sat 25-Jun-16 07:14:46

Yup yabu it was his choice not to vote and you should respect his choice... His one vote would not have changed anything

dabofriojakitten Sat 25-Jun-16 07:15:42

His one vote would not have changed anything

Oh come on! If we all felt like that no one would ever bloody vote!

whois Sat 25-Jun-16 07:46:57

His one vote would not have changed anything

Stupid attitude. If everyone thought like that no one would vote!

I believe we should be forced to vote like in Aus.

thecatsarecrazy Sat 25-Jun-16 07:50:33

Yabu its all the people at Glastonbury that didn't vote who are to blame grin

MrsJoeyMaynard Sat 25-Jun-16 08:05:06

His one vote would not have changed anything

One vote alone, no. But we had a turnout of 72% in the referendum. That's over 12 million potential voters who didn't take part. How many of those didn't bother because "one vote won't change anything"?

If the 52% leave : 48% remain is reflected in those over 12 million non-voters, then there could be up to 6 million people out there who didn't bother voting because they thought Remain would win anyway and "one vote won't change anything"

OP, I'd be furious too. I agree you need to get over it but it'd take me longer than this to stop feeling cross with DH if we were in your position.

Costacoffeeplease Sat 25-Jun-16 08:07:41

What a twat - I'd be royally fucked off with him too

Crunchymum Sat 25-Jun-16 08:07:44

My DP didn't vote, nor did my SIL although one would have voted leave and the other remain so they'd have cancelled each other out grin

I can't get riled about it.

Same as I can't get riled about those I know who had never voted before yesterday and took literally no time or effort to research before voting leave OK I am still a bit riled at them

Lilmisskittykat Sat 25-Jun-16 08:09:07

I wouldn't be so down on him.

Something like 1.2 mil voted it ... He wouldn't have changed the vote. Don't makes your lives a misery.

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