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Children on planes - not my own

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Christina67 Fri 24-Jun-16 23:14:40

I 'm in a pickle regards how best to respond or indeed NOT to respond, on a flight in the following situation which I experienced last weekend. Two separate couples who befriended one another where 5 children aged approx. 4 - 7 years were running around up and down the aisle and shouting, sometimes screaming, and shaking the seats for 3 hours. The cabin crew expressed their needs at times and were smiling through gritted teeth as it was difficult for them to perform their tasks and annoying to half of the travellers on that section of the plane.The children were occasionally falling over and hurting themselves ie banging their heads on the armrests and seats and then the noise level was raised with crying and shouting. Other children on the flight were reading a book or asleep or watching a DVD, playing a game with headsets etc. Myself and my husband and other passengers only had to endure this for 3 hours ie not a long haul flight overnight. However ourselves and the cabin crew and nearby seated passengers looked to be very affected by this situation. All of us said nothing as our seats were shaken and screaming ensued for the 3 hours. What would you do? Tricky situation. Thanks for advice. C x

gabsdot Fri 24-Jun-16 23:17:29

You should have said something at the time. I'm surprised the cabin crew didn't tell them to sit down, or get the captain to put on the fasten seatbelt sign.
It's too late to do anything now.

SlightlyperturbedOwl Fri 24-Jun-16 23:19:57

Well you could have complained but it probably wouldn't have made any difference. Be glad it was only 3 hrs.

someonestolemynick Fri 24-Jun-16 23:20:34

You should have spoken up at the time.

DesolateWaist Fri 24-Jun-16 23:22:54

What are you thinking of doing?
There is little that can be done to change it now.

PolitelyDisagree Fri 24-Jun-16 23:25:01

You should have said something. I'm suprised the cabin crew didn't do anything about it. I'd have thought it would be an ideal time to put the seat belts on signs on. confused

OwlinaTree Fri 24-Jun-16 23:33:49

Did you say to the child 'please don't shake my seat'?

AnecdotalEvidence Fri 24-Jun-16 23:35:11

I am very surprised that the cabin crew allowed children to behave like that.
I'm not sure what you think you could do now, you should have raised it with the cabin crew at the time.

FreshHorizons Fri 24-Jun-16 23:45:00

Definitely needed to be raised at the time. Surprised that you didn't have a lot of people complaining.

PacificDogwod Fri 24-Jun-16 23:48:49

How are you 'in a pickle'? I don't understand.

V annoying, but other than saying something at the time, what else are you thinking about doing?
I would also have thought that cabin crew would have handled this situation more assertively than what you are describing.

user1466806302 Fri 24-Jun-16 23:54:31

Well in future if that happens I would be saying something to the parents! I have been on lots of mini flights with the kids and have almost exhausted myself to the point of hot flushes playing peek-a-boo and tickle mummy, and basically ANYTHING to get them to sit still and not cause a nuisance! It is pretty much a three hour marathon at times keeping the kids hushed! It makes me annoyed when someone in front start tutting and huffing if the kids might kick their chair, but it is pretty clear I stop it and try my best to contain them! So I just let my kid have an extra kick of their chair because they are being rude in my opinion! But yeah I would also be annoyed if that was me too in your situation, can't do anything about it now. But next time tell the parents! It is a flight not a nursery, watch your own kids!

maninawomansworld01 Fri 24-Jun-16 23:55:01

I'd complain very indiscreetly to the cabin crew so everyone could see / hear what I was dong . Not in a manner to make a scene, I just wouldn't hide it. I bet you every passenger on that plane would thank you.
If a child is ill or has SN, or is very young then some noise is entirely expected but children of that age should be able to sit down and shut up for a couple of hours.
Parents should be made to control them by the cabin crew.

Dontneedausername Sat 25-Jun-16 00:05:03

You should put in a claim for compensation....

Whinyleonard Sat 25-Jun-16 06:19:10

You have to complain and ask for it to be mentioned in the flight log. After landing there's nothing You can do. I work for a Saudi company, try Saudi Airlines first class during Ramadan! The kids don't even sit down during the landing and take off.

Eminybob Sat 25-Jun-16 06:29:59

What do you think you should do? Write to the parents and ask them to pay you compensation? Maybe from the children's pocket money.

I would say get over it, it's done, over and has no further consequence on you life going forward. Next time complain at the time.

Travelledtheworld Sat 25-Jun-16 07:03:55

Surprised the cabin staff didn't deal with this.
No excuse for the parents though.
My children made dozens of transatlantic flights from the ages of 3. Never once did they run up and down the plane aisles screaming. I always packed them a bag of toys and treats, colouring books, Lego,etc and they learned to sit quietly.
Charters are tougher than long haul in a way though, as no seat back entertainment systems.

Christina67 Sat 25-Jun-16 22:05:42

Thanks so much everyone for your varied comments and advice. I guess now I'll feel more assertive for the future on potential similar flights. Perhaps in hindsight I joined in with the mass inertia and will know better for next time smile We as a family put our headphones on n saw the surrounding passengers not saying anything to cabin crew nor parents...
Fasten seatbelts idea from da Captain is indeed a good idea !

# take a leap of faith n say something at the time to the cabin crew n scary loud parents! x

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