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AIBU to think referencing is their job not mine

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Leopard12 Fri 24-Jun-16 14:00:23

So I've found a lovely house to rent with dp, as I'm currently in temporary work and dp doesn't start his job until September (teacher) they said we require a guarantor, fair enough we're fine with that and dp dad is fine with being it as he was for the last one anyway. The estate agent rang me yesterday and said the referencing company has told her they are still waiting on his employer to reply, she told me I need to tell dps dad to get them to do it but when I said he was abroad until saturday she said rather rudely that that wasnt her problem and we need to get him to call them from wherever he is or call them ourselves to speed this up or we risk failing the check.

It's been less than a week since we gave them our details and surely if the company hasn't responded to an email or whatever its their responosibilty to follow that up with a phone call (the referencing service wasn't cheap). Where he works its a small company so likely forgotten or waiting until dp dad gets back from holiday to check with him, what on earth would I even say on the phone to them ' Hi you have no idea who I am but I need you to give a reference to I dont even know the referencing companies name for one of your empolyees as soon as possible please, and no I've no idea how your supoosed to give them said reference...' and I'm not calling the in laws on holiday, they don't even keep their phone on during holidays it stays in the safe and is checking for emergancies every now and then and its the last day tomorrow, if its not done when they're back then I have no issues asking him to go remind admin.

UnhappyMeal Fri 24-Jun-16 14:05:40

YANBU - the estate agents are obviously lazy bastards. What can you do? If you want the place, then you gotta dance to their tune.

Leopard12 Fri 24-Jun-16 14:30:31

Yep, estate agents angry
They also said my current agents won't give a reference until we pay them, (must of asked them bc that is true £50 for a piece of paper saying we pay on time thieving bastards ) but we asked the current ones who said they have no record of a request and would ring us back for payment when they found it, still no call back and that was two days ago... never seems to be simple!

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