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To expect higher discounts at BHS

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margewiththebluehair Thu 23-Jun-16 16:35:11

I thought I would pop into BHS since it has big 'Closing down sale' signs plastered outside. When I went in, whilst I saw a few clothes at 30% off, I go to my favourite section (the lighting section) and go to the mens to find DH some shirts and kids section - and MEH -20% off in all three. Then there are signs saying Cds and books are not subject to any discount.

20%- 30% off hardly seems to be a closing down sale. I was expecting something more like 50-70%.

Am I the only one feeling slightly hoodwinked with the so-called closing down sale?

insan1tyscartching Thu 23-Jun-16 16:40:25

Yes I thought reductions would be better too. I bought dh two tshirts before it was announced that they were closing down which were £20 each or two for £30. After they were closing down they were 20% off so £16 each rather than the multibuy offer and more expensive than they were previously confused

wowfudge Thu 23-Jun-16 16:43:05

The administrators can't just sell it all off nor next to nothing - they have to be seen to do their best for creditors.

nonline Thu 23-Jun-16 16:50:43

I'll admit it got me to go in when I normally wouldn't although I didn't buy anything.
I felt extra guilty though when there were people crowding around the sale rails but all the staff sounded so jolly and cheery considering the dire situation.

GloriousGoosebumps Thu 23-Jun-16 16:54:44

If you buy online there's an additional 25% off until midnight tonight - this additional reduction is only for 48 hours and the 48 hours started running yesterday. Note the 20% is first deducted and only then is the additional 25% applied so it's not a 45% reduction.

StickTheDMWhereTheSunDontShine Thu 23-Jun-16 16:55:43

Some of the stuff doesn't appear to be reduced at all in the homewares section. As a PP mentioned, though, the administrators have to try to release as much value from the stock they hold as possible. If it doesn't sell instore, they can sell it onto one of those remaindered stock companies. They've nothing to gain by making it dirt cheap in the first place.

There may be better discounts to be had just before individual stores close, when it's been decided what's worth the cost of moving and what isn't - typically seasonal stock (our local Wilkos sold off its entire remaining Christmas stock off for 10p an item, including Christmas trees, when it relocated earlier this year) but neither if or when would be guaranteed. (I'm keeping an eye on the picnic cups because they would suit our bathroom, but they only come in sets of 4 and I want 2!)

Freshprincess Thu 23-Jun-16 17:07:51

Ours is just a homewares. A lot of stuff is 30% off but still a bit pricey. There's also loads of summer furniture with notices on saying they aren't allowed to sell it confused
There's a lovely dresser in there which is £300. One of the doors is broken! I asked if there would be any more discount for the broken door and the assist at told me they weren't allowed to offer in-store discounts anymore.

FuriousFate Thu 23-Jun-16 17:17:12

I bought stuff in there the other week. Roughly £50's worth and the lady put it all through at £10. I tried to say there'd been a mistake and she refused to take more as she was so pissed off with not knowing whether she had a job or not! It was such a tip in there - even the escalators weren't working.

mishmash1979 Thu 23-Jun-16 17:19:14

Thought exactly the same thing. At 50% off I might have a look. Went to look at their home stuff and they had cushions "reduced " to £10 from £15; I can get the exact same cushions in asda full price for £6!!!!

Witchend Thu 23-Jun-16 17:21:08

Well in ours the stuff is going rapidly, so they don't need to reduce it any more.
I've just cone from there and there was a loud lady in there (with elderly mum) who was telling everyone "there's not enough off. People won't buy at those prices. You don't want that, mum" constantly.
Rather ironically her basket(s) were totally full.
But it came across as rather rude to the staff who were still there, and were, as always, exceedingly polite and generally nice.

stonecircle Thu 23-Jun-16 17:24:42

A bit tasteless to be grumbling about the size of discounts when staff are losing their jobs and possibly pensions hmm

Emochild Thu 23-Jun-16 17:28:21

CDs etc will probably be on sale or return with the supplier so there's no reason to mark them down

Stock is really running down in our local store so looks like the administrators have got their pricing strategy right

I worked in a store closure a few years ago -different company

Customers coming in and complaining loudly about the reductions made our last weeks even harder than they needed to be

inarmsofanangel Thu 23-Jun-16 17:32:12

I went on the site the other day and came off again, no real bargains there.

BuntyBlue Thu 23-Jun-16 17:32:26

They closed our local BHS just after Christmas, in the final days most clothes were either £3 or £5 and all the Dorothy Perkins clothes were £1, coats £10. I got a great haul.

Evenstar Thu 23-Jun-16 17:32:59

I bought some things online yesterday and thought it seemed good value with the extra 25%, very sad for the staff and to see BHS disappear from the High Street. I had my first job with them in the 1980's as a Saturday girl in their restaurant when I was doing my A levels

stonecircle Thu 23-Jun-16 17:34:07

"I got a great haul", "no bargains there"

Jesus - listen to yourselves

VeryBitchyRestingFace Thu 23-Jun-16 17:34:32

The reductions are shite in my local branch. "No wonder they're shutting!", though the uncharitable bit of me. And then felt ashamed. blush

Mrsraypurchase Thu 23-Jun-16 17:37:02

Is it safe to buy online from bhs? Bearing in mind the history of this liquidation?

MyLlamasGoneBananas Thu 23-Jun-16 17:38:08

I made a similar remark at another closing down sale and was told they make more money selling the stock in bulk to other traders than reducing it to silly prices for the public. This us what they apparen't lyrics tend to do with the stock they can't shift off the shop floor.

No idea if it's true but kind of makes sense if they can get rid of stock in bulk quickly.

FuriousFate Thu 23-Jun-16 17:41:40

stone - given all the publicity and the convention that most shops closing will have closing down sales, I don't think PPs are saying anything that others wouldn't have at least thought.

stonecircle Thu 23-Jun-16 17:45:30

Furious - really? All I think when I walk past my local store is how awful for the staff who've worked there for years. Very bad taste for people to be complaining about the lack of bargains given the circumstances.

willconcern Thu 23-Jun-16 17:45:34

As others have said, the administrators have to get the best price they can. They are court appointed officials and they are under a legal duty to act in the best interests of the comoany' creditors as a whole - which means selling at the best price.

Agree with others who think it's a bit much to main about wanting a better bargain in a sinking ship. These staff you're moaning to - they won't have jobs when this is done. Or pensions when they retire possibly.

BolshierAryaStark Thu 23-Jun-16 17:50:04

I got the DC some Stompeez slipper thingys for a fiver a pair so I'm happy.

LunaLoveg00d Thu 23-Jun-16 17:52:52

it's the job of the Liquidators to make as much money as humanly possible. They have to try to sell things at a minimum discount before slashing prices further. Books and CDs are perhaps exempt if they've reached a bulk deal with another retailer to take the lot. No other retailer is going to want to take a pile of BHS branded clothing though.

FuriousFate Thu 23-Jun-16 17:56:34

stone - yes. There's no room for sentimentality in business. It's a failed business and hence is ceasing trading. Your anger is misdirected. Blame the fat cats at the top who caused the problems in the first place, rather than the opportunist shopper who is taking advantage of deals that if they don't, someone else will. The assistant who discounted my basket full of goods the other day seemed happy enough that good old Joe Public was getting a good deal (in fact, it appeared to be her little act of revenge against 'management').

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