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About gifts and cards?

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HamletsSister Thu 23-Jun-16 12:38:41

Firstly, I am off away from the computer until at least tomorrow lunchtime (trip) so, apologies if I can't reply before then.

I work in a place where we are always collecting for something - staff leaving, a card for someone who is sick / bereaved etc. There is one person who has appointed herself in charge of this and it seems to have become very, very uneven. Some examples:

1. Three staff lost parents, all within a short space of time, plus one lost a FiL. Only the 1 out of the 4 who took a lot of time off (therefore, I suppose being judged as the most upset) got any kind of card / gift. The rest, including me, got nothing.

2. Three different members of staff have all been very seriously ill. 1 died. The one who died, and one other were off having chemo etc over a period of about a year. No cards, gifts. The other one is on her second round of collections, flowers etc.

3. The levels of gifts are dictated by the amount collected, which is fine. However, a current collection, where 2 people are leaving, seems to have been a single pot of money, then unevenly split between the 2 people.

I am only marginally affected (was bereaved, no card). And in all the other cases, I have sent my own cards, condolences etc. But AIBU to think that this is not really on and that, in a small organisation, there needs to be some recognition that we do notice. A colleague came to see me to say how sorry she was that I was being asked to sign a bereavement card the day after returning from my mother's funeral (no card for me). We all get on fine, no aggro.

Should I tackle it?

Nocabbageinmyeye Thu 23-Jun-16 13:15:43

Absolutely tackle it things like this will eventually cause resentment and it very unfair. Maybe suggest a flat rate of say £2 per person per collection and ask it be agreed in advance what it will be used for so births, death of parent/spouse, marriage and nothing else, that way everyone should in theory be treated the same

Sorry for this loss of your mother flowers

NarkyKnockers Thu 23-Jun-16 13:30:41

If there were people not being collected for I would ask the person who does collections about it and say I would do one if they were too busy.

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