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AIBU? Irresponsible dog owner or not?

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Wyldfyre Thu 23-Jun-16 08:40:16

We have communally-owned grass to the front and side of our flats and a private car park with a strip of grass behind it to the rear. A low single chain "fence" at front and side and nothing at the back.

The grass is being wrecked by pee burns and dogs who scrape after a crap. I try and ask people not to do it if I see it but have had some appalling attitudes.

This morning a lady with a lovely black lab brought it over to the grass (she's not a resident of the block) and while she did pick up, that's not the point - is it just me or is it entirely unacceptable to bring your dog some place like that to empty it's bowels (not on about accidents)?

I asked her politely not to do it (cos fair enough it might not be obvious to some people) and she waved the bag at me and told me "no one sits out there anyway" (I do but only when I'm on holiday and it's sunny and the gardeners aren't cutting the grass like they were this morning)
She then started swearing when I said I don't take my three to crap in other people's gardens. Apparently I should "fuck off and find other things to do".
I told her it was part of being a responsible dog owner and she again waved the bag and said "this is responsible"

Am I right or is she?

Wyldfyre Thu 23-Jun-16 08:43:45

I mean it might not be obvious that it's private land.

Wombat87 Thu 23-Jun-16 08:56:26

I think you were a bit UR if it's not obvious that it's privately owned land. Contact the people who own the freehold of the land and ask them to do something about making it obvious. But short of them putting it behind a lockable fence there isn't much you'll be able to do about it if it's somewhere people have always gone.

Optimist1 Thu 23-Jun-16 09:08:13

She's bringing her dog to crap in what is in effect the garden belonging to your block of flats - not on, IMO. (How I'd feel if she was a resident and therefore entitled to reasonable use of the garden I don't know!)

DontDead0penlnside Thu 23-Jun-16 09:20:57

Bringing a dog in to poo there is out of order!

Could you make up a small sign to the effect that says it is private land, no trespassing and CCTV installed (or words to effect)?

Official enough to look official, and hope this does the trick?

Blossom90 Thu 23-Jun-16 09:35:36

Op is this somewhere that people can freely walk with their dogs? Maybe she was just passing by and the dog just had to go?

My black lab who is 1 year old nearly did it on someones front garden as we were walking by a few weeks ago i had to pull him away and he ended up doing it on pavement. I would have been mortified if he had done it on their front garden! But it was a near miss.

Obviously if she is bringing her dog there to do his buisness that imo is wrong.

Wyldfyre Thu 23-Jun-16 09:44:41

It's Scotland so no freehold wombat. It's not just the pooping that's annoyed me - IMV a reasonable person would apologise if they didn't know, not try to justify it.
We do have "no fouling" signs but the last girl I ask not to take her dog in said that only meant she had to pick up.

Wyldfyre Thu 23-Jun-16 09:46:03

Blossom no it's not a free area. It's behind a car park behind buildings.
You can't walk freely through the front gardens either, you have to step over the low fence

Blossom90 Thu 23-Jun-16 10:06:05

Then no you are not being unreasonable. Very irresponsible.

Wombat87 Thu 23-Jun-16 11:20:28

Oh if it says no fouling then that's just not on! Is there anyone you can complain to?

Lymmmummy Thu 23-Jun-16 12:40:59

She is irresponsible - we had this once where we lived in the past and funnil enough it was a lab owner too - sure pure coincidence😀

Issue was there was a walk close to our house along a country path our housing estate was the gateway to/from the area and the owner just let dog finish its business on people's front driveways especially if they had grass on - often the dog would be walked at times lots of people were asleep eg early morning or later at night

Not sure what you can do - but you do have my sympathy

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