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to have gotten matching head tattoos with DH?

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TheOliveTree547 Wed 22-Jun-16 21:39:29

DH and I, are definitely on the quirky side. We both got tattoos on our heads. Very similar, but mine is the female version and his is the male version. My mum never knew I was getting it done, tbh at 29 I wouldn't have said I needed her approval. I have my MIL blaming me and claiming that I have influenced her son into it. Friends claim that it looks ridiculous! All I want to know is WIBU? Surely as family and friends you don't have to just be damn right spiteful about a choice I have made, I mean it isn't illegal/hurting anyone. Grrr.

PotteringAlong Wed 22-Jun-16 21:40:22

A head tattoo? In your hair or on your forehead?

Crispbutty Wed 22-Jun-16 21:41:51

Let's see them so we can decide smile

TheOliveTree547 Wed 22-Jun-16 21:42:19

In our hair, the part where the tattoo is, is shaven, but my hair has always been half shaven, so that isn't new to them. Bloody hell, I'd never get one on my forehead!

TheOliveTree547 Wed 22-Jun-16 21:42:52

You'll hate them if I show grin

EdmundCleverClogs Wed 22-Jun-16 21:43:25

It is your choice. However, if it's visible on your faces, really obvious, I think you'd been a bit stupid as well (and I love tattoos and piercings). I'd be very disappointed if my child chose to do so.

sepa Wed 22-Jun-16 21:43:30

I hate tattoos on the neck upwards (except behind the ear)
Not sure we can judge yours without seeing yours though?

Chinnychinnychin Wed 22-Jun-16 21:43:48

Tattoo of a head? On your head? What?

dustarr73 Wed 22-Jun-16 21:44:07

Thens the rules,You get a new tattoo, you have to show it.

MrsChrisPratt Wed 22-Jun-16 21:44:30

Show them, only then can we judge who IBU

TheOliveTree547 Wed 22-Jun-16 21:44:36

Well, here you go

EatShitDerek Wed 22-Jun-16 21:44:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

evelynj Wed 22-Jun-16 21:45:01

Show it, show it, show it!

PointlessUsername Wed 22-Jun-16 21:45:43

What does the writing say.

They are cool.

Harrymetsally123 Wed 22-Jun-16 21:46:13

Love it

PovertyPain Wed 22-Jun-16 21:46:13

They're hilarious. That's all I have say. grin

DoesAnyoneReadTheseThings Wed 22-Jun-16 21:46:14

We need to see it to be able to say if it looks ridiculous. However YANBU to get a tattoo of anything anywhere on your own body. Your body, your choice.

OnionKnight Wed 22-Jun-16 21:46:20

I have several tattoos but I'm sorry I think head tattoos are fucking stupid.

FellOutOfBed2wice Wed 22-Jun-16 21:46:25

Well it's not for me, but at least you can let your hair grow over it.

MrsChrisPratt Wed 22-Jun-16 21:46:46

Aww, I thunk they're cute. You can always grow hair over them if they become inappropriate. Nobody died. Tell your family to get over it.

DoesAnyoneReadTheseThings Wed 22-Jun-16 21:47:03

Cross posts! What does the writing say?

Nanny0gg Wed 22-Jun-16 21:47:26

TBH, if my DD had done that I would have cried.

But, your head, your choice.

OurBlanche Wed 22-Jun-16 21:47:28

Who/what are you the property of? smile

I am still mulling over the shock value of those tats on bodies with the ear stretchers and, probably, other facial piercings, as a minimum!

MrsChrisPratt Wed 22-Jun-16 21:47:57

Til death
Do us part

Is what I read

ApocalypseSlough Wed 22-Jun-16 21:47:58

Til death do us part.
They're sweet and your hair will cover them wink

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