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Yr6 play

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freckletwin Wed 22-Jun-16 19:36:00

Eldest Dd in yr 6. Last weekend she spent hours practising a song for her audition on Monday for a lead role in the yr6 play. The auditions ran over so she was told to come back today at lunchtime to audition. She came out of school and burst into tears before we left the playground as they announced the lead roles this morning. I spoke to the yr6 teacher who said she hadn't been involved in the auditions, but said auditions hadn't finished as music teacher was still deciding on people for solo songs.
Dd is gutted as she wanted a role in the play rather than a solo song. How do I bring this up with teachers without sounding like a diva pushy mum? Surely roles shouldn't have been announced before the auditions had finished?

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