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AIBU over crazy, aggressive neighbour?

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Thingamajiggy Mon 20-Jun-16 19:18:56

Today a neighbour came roaring out of his house yelling that we are not allowed to park in front of it because it's HIS space. He was super aggressive and threatened to have the car clamped (empty threat obviously) and that the car would be damaged if left there (not empty I'm sure).

It's clearly not his space. Parking there is not covering any yellow lines or obstructing any driveways.

The conversion was recorded (openly) and we spoke to the police who wearily said 'just don't park there'.

I'm outraged because

1. I'm legally allowed to park there and don't even feel it's unreasonable in terms of neighbourly etiquette.

2. he's threatening criminal damage and the police are basically endorsing his behaviour.

(Parking where we live is limited and we're right on a narrow main road. Cars regularly come down and clip anything parked outside our house so we're forced to park in the street opposite.)

Am I being petty or justified in being furious? Should we just take him some biscuits and make peace? I don't like the idea of letting someone get their way with such aggressive, nasty tactics.

Itriedtodohandstandsforyou Mon 20-Jun-16 20:04:15

Well he was being unreasonable ranting like he did, but if parking is as nightmarish as you say he's prob beyond caring, especially if people like you from other streets are parking outside his house all the time. How come police were involved and how did you manage to record the conversation if you weren't expecting a showdown?

Itriedtodohandstandsforyou Mon 20-Jun-16 22:05:10


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