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To feel this should not be condoned

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katemiddletonsnudeheels Mon 20-Jun-16 09:00:19


It should go without saying that shoplifting and theft is wrong. But it seems to me it's been responded to with a glee of violence that's worrying and the fact they seem to be held up as citizens of moral standing worried me.

Hamishandthefoxes Mon 20-Jun-16 09:10:41

I don't think it's being confined - the cps say in your link that it went beyond reasonable force and they're considering charges against the boys who injured the shoplifter.

OohMavis Mon 20-Jun-16 09:15:16

Condoned by whom?

katemiddletonsnudeheels Mon 20-Jun-16 09:24:13

It does say they haven't been punished which seems to condone it to me.

Hamishandthefoxes Mon 20-Jun-16 09:25:54

But it also says they're still considering pressing criminal charges against the boys. They may not do do, but they're not thanking them and giving them a big pat on the back either.

branofthemist Mon 20-Jun-16 10:07:26

I can't see that it's condoned anywhere. It's clear they do not agree with what the kids did.

Since there are no other details, such as anything from the kids or their family. It's difficult to say wether they should be charged or will be charged.

ReginaBlitz Mon 20-Jun-16 10:31:59

The fact that 3 kids beat him till his teeth fell out is quite worrying. It seems to me like they didn't do it because he had shoplifted, but because they wanted to be violent these are kids ffs their parents should be very worried.

EveryoneElsie Mon 20-Jun-16 10:36:20

I would not be proud of my kids if they came home and admitted they'd beaten someone so badly they knocked his teeth out. Especially not over some chocolate.
It seems like they will get away with it.

RedHelenB Mon 20-Jun-16 10:38:33

Possibly, but he had already headbutted a shop assistant and in retrospect had a knife on him. He also swung out at the schoolchildren. I think they probably got caught up in the moment rather than necessarily looking to be violent. The police will have the full details and I am sure will caution if they think it is worthy of a caution.

MyKingdomForBrie Mon 20-Jun-16 10:45:28

This is hideous. Help to detain him - great although obviously I'd be horrified by the knife aspect and the potential consequences, but the fact that they beat him up like self righteous vigilantes is just awful. I'd be horrified if that was my kids.

acasualobserver Mon 20-Jun-16 10:52:38

it seems to me it's been responded to with a glee of violence

Who do you think is being gleeful? I can't see this in the article you linked.

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