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About my sister ...

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Cutecat78 Sun 19-Jun-16 23:42:39

She's older than me and did everything "right". Got a degree, married early twenties waited 10 yrs to have kids travelled the world, then bought a house and settled down.

I had kids early 20s married and split up and have 3 kids with 2 different men (both are involved with the kids). When I divorced she was not supportive she was dissaproving and judgemental. Before she has kids she used to tell me how to bring up my kids.

Seven years ago I met OH. We are engaged and I know have a step family which I am very committed to. He is in the military and he goes away for long periods (4 months) with no contact which I really struggle with.

My sister is totally unsupportive and just says things like "just get on with it". Her DH dad was in the military which clearly makes her an expert - sometimes I have a little vent on FB (not a lot) but she seeks to deliberately not interact with me over this.

I had kids young and was skint for many years but built my career while being a single mum. My sister had a really good run of "freedom" and amazing holidays pre children in her 30s.

A few years ago I went camping with her and her family with my DC while OH was away and he got back while we were away and phoned me telling me he had booked us a lovely holiday (when my kids were going to their dads) and she was really jealous and angry about it.

WTF do other people make of this? AIBU to feel a bit hurt that she doesn't feel able to be there for me?

sykadelic Sun 19-Jun-16 23:46:24

The grass is always greener on the other side.

I totally understand you being hurt, but unfortunately we can't make people feel the way we want them to, and I highly doubt she's changing any time soon.

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