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"Not paying tax is much worse than stealing from your children"

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LanaorAna1 Sun 19-Jun-16 16:23:36

Do you agree? I'm not sure I can - remark made by old dear I know.

Arfarfanarf Sun 19-Jun-16 16:30:53

Stealing from everyone and their children v ensuring you and your own have as much as possible even if that means bending or breaking rules.

RitchyBestingFace Sun 19-Jun-16 16:33:07

I think not paying tax is wrong. I think stealing from your children is wrong. I think ageism is wrong.

I'm not sure what the AIBU is?

LanaorAna1 Sun 19-Jun-16 16:33:17

She meant stealing from her own children!

ineedamoreadultieradult Sun 19-Jun-16 16:35:34

I don't know that a comparison can be made between the two I don't pay tax as I don't earn enough and I don't feel bad about that but I could never steal from my children. So if anything I think it is the other way round and stealing from your children is worse.

Arfarfanarf Sun 19-Jun-16 16:43:26

Ah. I must have misunderstood. I thought it was 'stealing' in inverted commas as a way of saying giving up resources.


not paying tax = holding on to everything = securing everything for your own children

V stealing from your children = paying tax = 'stealing' from your children = giving up your resources for the benefit of all instead of securing them all through whatever means necessary

I over complicated it :D

I dont understand her point then. If that wasnt it. How do the two relate?

Or is it just like saying dropping litter is worse than folding over a corner of a book page.
2 things that are not related.

RitchyBestingFace Sun 19-Jun-16 16:46:07

Sorry Ineed what I meant was

I think not paying the tax you are liable for is wrong

LanaorAna1 Sun 19-Jun-16 16:47:33

She's saying that on a moral scale of Bad Things, stealing 5k from your own son scores a 2 ie not that bad, but evading tax of 5k scores an 8 ie terrible.

LettyJane Sun 19-Jun-16 16:49:08

Yes. No one should evade tax. It is a moral an dlegal duty to pay it.
Interesting issue as to whether people whoul could pay tax but instead choose not to work fall into your category? Does the original post intend that too? There are plenty of people who could be paying tax to help society and instead choose not to work or only work under the tax limit. Is that also worse than stealing from your children? Yes, might well be.

branofthemist Sun 19-Jun-16 16:49:43

I think tax evasion is morally wrong.

I can't quantify it in comparison though.

Sallyingforth Sun 19-Jun-16 16:52:35

What's your AIBU?
They are both morally wrong. So are many other things.

RitchyBestingFace Sun 19-Jun-16 16:54:42

There's stealing from your own child like this: raiding a 5yo's university savings account to buy a new boiler.

And stealing from your own child like this: leaving the family unit and cleaning out the household account.

And plenty of shades in between. So it's hard to say.

Froginapan Sun 19-Jun-16 16:56:10

In what context was she saying this?

Using legal loopholes to avoid paying tax?

Committing tax fraud?

Not earning enough to pay tax?

Arfarfanarf Sun 19-Jun-16 17:00:19

I would disagree then.
Both are morally wrong.
But the betrayal of someone who loves you is both morally wrong and personally painful to an individual.

Sixweekstowait Sun 19-Jun-16 17:03:17

Hummmm- in view of comments about ageism elsewhere on MN, I am driven to ask how old the 'old dear' was and what was so endearing about her?

glassgarden Sun 19-Jun-16 17:09:02

I feel that she has voiced her sentiments in a misleading way.

People who evade tax may feel that they are cheating the government, or the establishment, or 'the man'.
I think she may be trying to argue that, by evading taxes you are (in effect) stealing from your own kith and kin.

Perhaps she is saying that is worse than actually raiding the piggy banks of your offspring because you are kidding yourself that non payment of tax is somehow a victim-less crime?

glassgarden Sun 19-Jun-16 17:11:22

can you question her further?
present her with a list of possible crimes and ask her to rate them all on a scale of 1-5 and then we can get a better handle on her thought processes

mirime Sun 19-Jun-16 17:41:29

LettyJane I don't know, one person not needing to work and not working means someone else who might otherwise be unemployed has a job.

And we all pay taxes one way or another - VAT for example.

glassgarden Sun 19-Jun-16 17:43:34

people who work when they dont need to are selfishly hoarding work

BillSykesDog Sun 19-Jun-16 17:53:00

Not sure you can quantify it by comparison. But I agree with her that it's badly morally wrong. I think that generation has a much better attitude towards the welfare state, public services and the moral obligation to contribute than my own generation.

Reading MN, half the posters seem to think avoiding tax is okay, and the other half seem to think that it's okay to not bother working if you don't feel like it or claim what you don't need. There is an expectation that some nebulous somebody somewhere will always pick up the bill.

AyeAmarok Sun 19-Jun-16 18:18:11

I don't understand confused

Oldprof Sun 19-Jun-16 18:52:30

Tax dodging is worse because it robs more people than personal theft.
Revenue from taxation lets governments pay for services and resources -health, education, infrastructure- that everyone uses. People who avoid/evade paying taxes are taking services and resources away from their own children, and from everyone else as well.

LettyJane Sun 19-Jun-16 19:37:29

" glassgarden Sun 19-Jun-16 17:43:34

people who work when they dont need to are selfishly hoarding work"
I can understand that point if you have a spouse who earns enough so that you don't claim tax credits. However if say husband earns £13k a year and wife £13k rather than one only earning £26k are reducing the tax paid to the state as they each claim their £11k personal allowance so they are avoiding tax and depriving the state of revenues. If instead they structure their affairs so they pay the most tax they could then they benefit more those less fortunate than they are.

BestIsWest Sun 19-Jun-16 19:40:40

Not paying your taxes IS stealing from your children - and everyone else.

BestIsWest Sun 19-Jun-16 19:54:27

Also, bit of an ageist post. Old dear?

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