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AIBU to call in sick

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reallysomepeople Sat 18-Jun-16 20:45:20

To go away for a few days? Long story short my best friends child was diagnosed with Cancer a few months ago. It's a very aggressive cancer and the odds are not in their favour (9-12 months but we are praying for longer and they are doing really well.) We are all devastated and trying to support/help/love as much as we can.

We (me, my dd and dh) have been asked to go on their make a wish holiday with bf. Obviously I said yes of course we would be honoured. Mentioned it to my boss who knows about the situation and she said maybe but not if it's this summer??? (As its a very busy time.)The dates have come through and obviously it is this summer holiday.

So AIBU to just say sod it I am going and thats it and call in sick for the week? I will add I don't like my job very much and I am looking elsewhere but not a lot about at the minute.

ssd Sat 18-Jun-16 20:46:37

absolutely go.

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 18-Jun-16 20:48:41

Surely if you hate the job you be best to hand in your notice so you leave just before the holiday rather than face a disciplinary as your boss will guess you are not ill.

MumOnTheRunCatchingUp Sat 18-Jun-16 20:52:34

How will your own family fare if you lose your job over this?

NoahVale Sat 18-Jun-16 20:54:03

can you take compassionate leave/unpaid leave

NoahVale Sat 18-Jun-16 20:54:16

can you go above your boss?

loobieloo32 Sat 18-Jun-16 20:56:21

I would ask again reiterate why (exactly what you said here) of answer is no, notice in as suggested by pp it's too precious to miss. But don't ruin your prospects of a reference x

Oysterbabe Sat 18-Jun-16 20:56:30

Calling in sick is stealing from your company. Quit or take unpaid leave.

AndNowItsSeven Sat 18-Jun-16 20:56:35

They won't guess if they never knew the date, I would go. Do they not understand the little girl will sadly not be alive next summer?

thisisafakename Sat 18-Jun-16 20:56:50

the only problem is that if you have already told your boss about it it might be a bit suspicious if you are suddenly sick.
what sort of thing were you going to 'come down with'? D&V is good but a bit short-lived. Maybe something like gastric flu. Or normal flu tends to last a while.

lougle Sat 18-Jun-16 20:58:10

I'm not saying don't go, but you can't phone in sick. It's gross misconduct. So you'll either need to ask for annual leave, unpaid leave, or resign.

NicknameUsed Sat 18-Jun-16 20:59:32

If you have requested holiday leave then call in sick it will be pretty obvious why you aren't at work. Given the nature of the leave you require can you not talk to your boss again and let them know that going later than this summer may not be an option anyway?

reallysomepeople Sat 18-Jun-16 20:59:34

Noahvale- I can't take any leave (I have more than enough holiday) as we are too busy. My boss is the CEO so don't think I have anywhere to go.

We can't really afford for me to lose my job we have savings and an emergency fund but I have only be back at work FT for a year so I would have to find something else pretty quickly.

OddSocksHighHeels Sat 18-Jun-16 20:59:52

I'd do it. This isn't something that can just be rescheduled for a future date and I can imagine you'd really regret it if you didn't go.

mrgrouper Sat 18-Jun-16 21:00:23

I would go but make sure none of the holiday party post photos of you enjoying yourself on social media.

Passthecake30 Sat 18-Jun-16 21:01:41

I"d ask for unpaid leave, if not agreed I would go above your boss. I wouldn't phone in sick

thisisafakename Sat 18-Jun-16 21:02:08

Oysterbabe doubt she would get unpaid leave if it's very busy. Some workplaces don't pay for sickness so that is not stealing. Quitting is a bit drastic. If OP is worried about the morality of the situation, she can omit to take 5 days annual leave if she wants.
I would have no problem with this morality wise (presuming relatively large employer), I would just be worried about getting caught. OP, you need to be extremely careful about photos not ending up on facebook, twitter, justgiving or personal blogs.

PurpleRainDiamondsandPearls Sat 18-Jun-16 21:05:34

I feel for you but YABU because it'll be obvious, surely? Won't you come back tanned? I think you need to consider what would happen if you lost your job as a result.

I have a lot of sympathy though. Talk about rock and hard place. flowers

RaskolnikovsGarret Sat 18-Jun-16 21:06:24

I take a very dim view of dishonest sick leave. But I say definitely do it in this situation. flowers

ilovesooty Sat 18-Jun-16 21:07:46

If you can't get leave and are set on going I think you need to hand your notice in. Personally I think they should see that this is exceptional and I think it's a shame they said no.

You will probably be sacked for gross misconduct if you ring in sick.

gandalf456 Sat 18-Jun-16 21:09:30

Could you get anyone to cover for you?

hesterton Sat 18-Jun-16 21:10:36

Can you say I absolutely cannot break this promise. I accept you may dismiss me but please consider unpaid leave under these exceptional circumstances. I will work so hard - extra hours if needed - on my return.

Given the cost of recruitment they would be a bit daft to let you go.

Lovewineandchocs Sat 18-Jun-16 21:11:16

Could you take parental leave?

NoahVale Sat 18-Jun-16 21:11:40

perhaps your CEO will have a change of heart if you go in and explain the dates are set?

NoahVale Sat 18-Jun-16 21:12:04

can you organise temp cover?

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