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To think this hotel owner needs to sort out his customer service...

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vulgarbunting Sat 18-Jun-16 03:43:43

Staying at a hotel that (annoyingly) turns out to be on top of a bar. Our fault that we didn't check carefully enough. You can hear music from our room, and there are people outside shouting as they head home.

However, bar advertises a close time of 1am. So not too late really, I can deal with it until then. 1am comes and goes and the music is still going. I head downstairs to ask when it will be turned off and the manager says they are licensed until 3am and will potentially go on until then. He also denies that we can hear music.

I'm a bit grumpy about this, and after a bit of back and forth where I try to figure out whether we can change rooms/get a partial refund (he refuses both) I say something along the lines of 'well I suppose we will just reflect this in your review'. To which he gets angry, and says 'don't you mess with me' in what I.consider to be a threatening manor.

So, it's 4am-ish, and someone (I suspect the manager) is playing loud JML style adverts outside our room. Surely this is him getting his own back for me saying I would post a bad review?! Is this completely ridiculous?! Was I being unreasonable?!

MsKite Sat 18-Jun-16 03:48:06

I stayed in a hotel that was above a restaurant once, also not mentioned in their advert and found out when I got there. It was hot and noisy and next to a busy road so I couldn't have the windows open. It was before the days of trip advisor unfortunately.
What is he playing adverts on?! This is further grist for your review mill, surely?

Pinkheart5915 Sat 18-Jun-16 03:50:31

I'd leave a bad review, your only Being honest and you gave him a chance to put your complaint right and he didn't want to. If the bar advertises a close time of 1am it is unreasonable to carry on until 3am especially when they have guests.

Have you paid already? If you haven't I wouldn't be paying the full amount

are you only staying tonight? If not will you be able to find a hotel for tomorrow?

honeyroar Sat 18-Jun-16 04:20:40

That's really bad, you poor thing. I'd be livid if I were you. Definitely post a bad review. An honest review!

Where are you staying? Name and shame, see if the Daily Fail need a story??

SabineUndine Sat 18-Jun-16 05:02:03

I think you are within your rights to put bad reviews wherever you want. This is where sites like Tripadvisor come into their own.

I once stayed in a hotel in the middle of an August heatwave, and the central heating was on full, with the controls broken. When I complained the owner said it was my fault for not saying at the time of booking that I wasn't prepared to sleep with all the windows open (first floor with a flat-roofed garage just below)!

I didn't argue, but Tripadvisor was a fairly new phenomenon at the time, so I put the most stinking review I've ever done up!

sklooshy Sat 18-Jun-16 05:27:22

YANBU! Leave an honest review. Your complaint has been raised and I would mention it again on check out, along with your intentions to post an honest review.

MrsTerryPratchett Sat 18-Jun-16 05:49:23

Sounds like a knobber. Name and shame.

FellOutOfBed2wice Sat 18-Jun-16 05:55:24

You're not in Dublin are you? I had a very similar experience there about 7 years ago.

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