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holiday over partners x weekend

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eyeroller72 Fri 17-Jun-16 15:15:04

Im a bit fed up with constantly feeling like ppl, very specifically my partners ex taking the piss.

Two weekends out of every 4 she has their kids and then 2 weekends he has kids this works on a 2 weekends on the trot for him, and then for her. I have my kids every other weekend so it means that both sets of children are with me and partner for a weekend on their own and then we have all kids one weekend and no kids for the fourth weekend.

Last weekend was our weekend of no children, but partners ex wanted to go out all day on the saturday, to cut long storey short, we had partners DS because he locked himself in bedroom as he didn't want to go, we also had my DD but for other more complicated reasons. This weekend she has gone on holiday for 10 nights again over her weekend which means again we have all kids.

The holiday was planned for a while but she sd we would have kids from Monday but then she asks my partners mum to have kids, its not her job and partner feels he should look after his kids and mil can't anyway.

We went away for a weekend about a year ago that happened to fall on a weekend that was partners turn for children, he took them another weekend in exchange, but we never get time back, and the amount of abuse partner got from ex was phenomenal for going on a weekend when he should have had children.

Its always one rule for her and another for us.

As a rule i don't have problem with having kids but really feel she takes the piss. She has basically had/will have her children for a total of 9 nights in June. As we took them on holiday over half term.

wheresthel1ght Fri 17-Jun-16 17:08:57

We have the same issue with my partners ex - she is allowed to bugger about with contact whenever she feels like it and for the most pointless of reasons however world war 3 breaks out if we date to ask for a swap for a significant reason.

You won't change her. Yes she is taking the piss but whilst ever your partner is facilitating her bullshit nothing will change. Honestly he is your problem not her. It has taken. Me a long time to accept this in my own relationship!

I would also ask for this to be moved to the stepparents board as AIBU never ends well for step parents

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