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about my sister & visiting

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Floss89 Thu 16-Jun-16 21:33:24

First time posting goes! My sister & I live 20 minutes from each other and have kids the same age. My issue is that she only ever wants to meet on weekdays! I find this very annoying as I work full time..just spoke to her there & she asked if I had any day off this week. I don't, occasionally when I have a day off I do meet her but more often than not when I have a precious day off I try to run errands or spend time one to one with my kids. Today I suggested the weekend but again got blown off. Her husband is quite a dominant character so maybe it is to do with him. But we all get along fine (I.e me, my husband, sister & bil). Anyway AIBU or should I be more understanding? Whenever my husband is away at a weekend (travels a but for work) I feel I can never meet up with her at the weekend as I would feel like I'm intruding on her weekend,which is quite sad for sisters really! As a consequence I am much closer with my sil who is much more open to both families getting together. Thoughts?

whois Thu 16-Jun-16 21:35:28

I think you're being totally reasonable.

Have you asked her why she prefers meeting up without 'the men'. Maybe she just wants her weekends with her 'own little family' which would be a shame but not much you can do about it n

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