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To be confused about organic food

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Katienew26 Thu 16-Jun-16 13:02:43

I've been considering switching to organic food as I eat a lot of fruit and am concerned about pesticides used etc.
However I've not read some articles about organic food saying they use natural pesticides which can be more harmful then used in regular foods!
The articles were says that in the old in our grandparents generation all food was organic and people lived shorted life's then!
I'm not completely confused what wondering what to do for the best!

VestalVirgin Thu 16-Jun-16 13:33:27

Where have you read those articles? Oo Some magazine sponsored by conventional farmers?

If you buy from reliable, certified sources, then the "natural pesticides" (did they mention what those are even supposed to be?) are heavily regulated, they are only allowed to use them in very small quantities. And no, those are not worse than glyphosat and so on, no.
In fact, I do not KNOW of any "natural pesticides" except copper, which is a substance that is naturally found in the earth, and in your body, and the problem with it is only that there could be too much. Which isn't going to happen because it is regulated. (Also, I only ever heard of it being used for wine)

Oh, and there's the some bacterial poisons ... well, organic farming might use those as pesticide, genetically engineered (non-organic) farming takes the genes that causes the bacteria to produce this poison and put them into the corn plants to the plant itself produces the poison and accumulates it in all parts. What do YOU think is safer if that poison is bad for you?

Organic farming nowadays is especially done with the target of NOT poisoning the customer, so even if your grandparents would have used something poisonous which is found in nature, this is not likely to be the case in organic farming.

Our grandparents generation lived shorter because they experienced wars and had less acess to medical care, and less medicine in general.
The logic is nonsensical. You could just as well claim that air pollution is good for the health because there was none in the Middle Ages and people died early.

HairsprayBabe Thu 16-Jun-16 13:41:45

If you wash your fruit and veg and you should be fine.
Pesticides are more damage to the environment than people.

People lived shorter lives in previous generations because work was more manual, there were less health and safety rules and they were less educated about smoking etc.

Organic is no different to non organic nutritionally.

Katienew26 Thu 16-Jun-16 13:46:45

I don't really know anything about this but with a new baby I just want to try and be and eat healthier.
But when I googled I found articles like this which freaked me out
Honestly don't know what to do for the best! I don't want to buy organic if it's going to make us worse off

HairsprayBabe Thu 16-Jun-16 13:54:26

Organic food is no healthier for people than non organic, you breath in millions of chemicals on a daily basis, any chems sprayed on foods are heavily regulated.

That article has little scientific basis, organic foods are better for the environment but more expensive as the crops tend to have smaller yields.

If you are worried that much just wash anything thoroughly before you eat it. What you eat in terms of enough fruit and veg, protein, fiber etc. are much more important than whether it was grown organically or not.

FireTruckOhFireTruck Thu 16-Jun-16 15:51:54

It's a minefield - I prefer organic because it does taste better m, but I don't go out of my way to buy it.

sandrabedminster Thu 16-Jun-16 15:53:41

That's balls.

If you eat the skin its best to get organic.

Floods123 Thu 16-Jun-16 21:43:37

I work for Riverford Organic Farms. Check out the FAQs on the website and you will see the answers to most of your questions

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