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Asos customer service

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zippyswife Thu 16-Jun-16 11:14:42

I use Asos a lot. In the last batch of things I bought there were a number of t-shirts that they ironically call the "forever tee" which were all like rags after the first wash- bobbly mishapen. I emailed them through their website/app a number of times and got no response. I then tried to contact them via Facebook. They eventually replied to me after numerous attempts and several days asking for photographic evidence of the faults. I provided this. They then admitted that they were faulty and said that I need to return them to get a refund. They told me I need to print labels to return the items. I don't have a printer so am unable to print labels to do this. They are refusing to send out labels/offer collection so I'm not sure how I'm going to return them. They are ignoring my messages and there is no phone
Number. This has taken 3 weeks so far. I have asked to be called to discuss and they have ignored this request. Is this bad customer service or are my standards too high? As I say I have until now used them a lot but this has put me off.

zippyswife Thu 16-Jun-16 11:17:23

Should also add when I post on their Facebook page it gets deleted immediately. I have not put anything offensive just merely questioning how to return the faulty rags!

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Thu 16-Jun-16 11:24:15

You could try the CEO? I googled and found this but I didn't check the details or anything. I know others have bad luck going down that route.

ellennussey1 Thu 16-Jun-16 11:53:10

I'm having similar issues. The only thing you can do is email or tweet them and it's extremely frustrating because they take all day to answer one message and it requires badgering and hassling on social media to get them to do this. They owe me money for a return and I have no idea when it's going to be given back. I am also a long term customer and am appalled by this service and I won't be using them again any time soon. They don't particular care I don't think.

Karoleann Thu 16-Jun-16 12:03:22

There seem to be quite a few phone numbers for customer services if you google. Ask to be put through to a manager and say you will hold if they try to fob you off and then ask them to just post you the returns labels.

Sonders Thu 16-Jun-16 12:28:26

I hate ASOS with a passion, I've been trying to order my bridesmaids skirts through them, it took 18 different orders to get 7 that matched, and one is still the wrong size.

This is their phone number: 020 7756 1000.

Don't expect for them to be able to help though, they were as shit on the phone as they were by Facebook & through their site.

zippyswife Thu 16-Jun-16 12:30:51

So. I've just spoken to a real life person after googling the customer service number. They refuse to send me a label to return it. This must be printed (or hand written then the postage paid for). Complete pita. I'm not using them again. Customer service is shite.

ellennussey1 Thu 16-Jun-16 12:30:54

Thank you Karoleann call the 0207 number OP and they'll sort it out!

zippyswife Thu 16-Jun-16 12:32:21

Such a shame as I've always recommended Asos to anyone that would listen.. Not anymore.

ellennussey1 Thu 16-Jun-16 12:32:55

Oh cross post 😒 They sorted my issue anyway. Turns out the courier 'lost' the return

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