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To ask for the tea back

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EEVEElution Thu 16-Jun-16 09:55:00

I've made a big mistake - accidentally given away some tea that is worth £400-£500 to my neighbour without realising the value of it.

Background - we are moving house soon (going abroad) and so having a big clearout. DH isn't really helping with this, which is fine because he's at work and I'm at home looking after our 2 year old, so I asked him if there's anything in the study he especially wants to keep hold of. He didn't mention anything in particular.

He has this box full of teas that he's brought back from China every time we go but he's never drank any of it and I had no idea it was worth any money. My neighbour came round with her little one to play while my LO was rummaging through the teas and I mentioned we'd had them for years. She said her MIL likes this tea and so I offered it to her, not realising its worth.

So WIBU to apologise and ask for it back? DH apparently intended it as a gift for his manager when he leaves.

sepa Thu 16-Jun-16 09:57:01

Just say that to your neighbour that you didn't realise DP had ear marked it. I'm sure she will be fine anout giving it back

FireTruckOhFireTruck Thu 16-Jun-16 15:39:45

Yes be honest and say it was a mistake - I'm sure they'll understand.

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