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DS blood sugars

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makingitthroughok Wed 15-Jun-16 20:46:23

DS 16 went to gps (nurse( with various symptoms. And the nurse could link a fair few to diabetes so they checked his Blood sugar. Just in case. HE hadnt eaten it was the morning they were. 6.1 mmol/l. Obviuosly not to high to cause major concern but they want to keep a "good eye incase it gets higher" Went back on Monday 6.3. (This was at 6:00 hadnt eaten since 12:00) Nurse said "we will really monitior this" We went in today 7.5! (diffrent nurse btw) He though okay somethings going on nurse said BS was absoultly fine and they cant see y they were checking for low blood sugar hmm wasnt it high blood sugar. I know this isnt to high but im no expert, i wasnt in room with him at time. Just need some advice really. AIBU to want second opinion DS dosent want tis dosent want the fuss he says

MrsBobDylan Wed 15-Jun-16 20:58:47

Blood sugars should be between 4 and 8mmls (4-7 for adults) so you can rule out type 1 but I'm not sure if 7.5mmls after fasting for 12 hours would be concern if they were checking for type 2.Hopefully a type 2 expert will be along shortly!

Mouikey Wed 15-Jun-16 21:03:32

Not really similar but I had to test my own over the last couple of weeks for gestational diabetes and was told that over 5.5 after fasting or 7.4 1 hour after food and 6.4 2 hours after food would be a worry if I had three instances in a week (whilst checking 4 times a day) and this would indicate diabetes. As I say it was in pregnancy, so not sure if the figures are of any help!!!

Mouikey Wed 15-Jun-16 21:04:15

BTW, if they are concerned, could they give him a testing kit? I thought it would be terrible, but actually wasn't too bad at all!

DaveGrohlyousexyman Wed 15-Jun-16 21:04:59

I work 1-1 with a little boy with type 1 Diabetes and those readings look completely normal to me. We were taught that "normal" blood glucose is between 4 and 10 and obviously goes up and down depending on various factors.

I test him at various points and his readings can be anywhere from 2.5 (Hypo) to the early 20s (Hyper).

Somebody might be along soon who knows more than me but I really think the nurse would have flagged it up if she was concerned.

Musicaltheatremum Wed 15-Jun-16 21:06:10

Is this a finger prick or a blood test from a vein?
The fasting period probably wasn't long enough. We usually ask for at least 8 hours overnight.
A random sugar of greater than 11.1 would alert me and then you would do a fasting which is over than 7.1
I wouldn't worry.

Musicaltheatremum Wed 15-Jun-16 21:07:10

Pregnancy use tighter levels.

trinesrad Wed 15-Jun-16 21:15:58

We have a Type 1 diabetic ds and this is too high for a normal fasting blood sugar. Diabetes uk state normal range is 3.5-5.5 with diabetes diagnosed at over 7.0.

DS was 5 when diagnosed and had been brushed off by gp a number of times and by the time we got him diagnosed at A&E he was seriously life-threateningly ill with DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) where the pH of the blood is lowered.

I don't want to panic you but please take him to A&E and get him checked and tell them the progression of the results getting higher each time he has been checked. They will not only be able to test his blood sugar but also blood ketone levels which are also indicative of Type 1 diabetes.

Alternatively if he doesn't want fuss, go to Boots tomorrow and buy one of their own brand blood glucose monitors. Test him fasting, then one hour and two hours after food.

This link shows you what blood sugars should be. If they are above this if you do the Boots route, then you have proof to show them just how serious it is.

I really hope it isn't diabetes but if it is, you need to get him diagnosed quickly and on insulin.


lougle Wed 15-Jun-16 21:21:47

I think GP would be best here.

TheHiphopopotamus Wed 15-Jun-16 22:02:51

Don't go to A&E but try the GP again. I reckon if it was T1, his blood sugar would be a lot higher than that. When dd was diagnosed, her blood sugar was in the 20's and she hadn't eaten for days. Normal blood sugars are between 3.9-7.7, even with fasting so unless guidelines have changed your DS is still within normal range.

Did they do a glucose test? Is your DS at any risk of Type 2 diabetes?

MrsBobDylan Wed 15-Jun-16 22:05:08

I think that because his highest reading is is around 7mmls he would be extremely unlikely to have type 1 or be in danger of dka at the moment.

You should get him a fasting test op -go to your GPS and request one.

TheHiphopopotamus Wed 15-Jun-16 22:09:57

Also should have said, there are other symptoms of T1 to look out for. Is he going to the loo more often than usual? Is he more tired than usual? Has he lost a lot of weight recently over a short period of time? is he drinking loads more but still thirsty?

These are the main symptoms to look out for if you suspect T1.

RebootYourEngine Wed 15-Jun-16 22:15:12

When my cousin was diagnosed with type 1 he was up in the late20s early 30s. A reading of 6 or7 is fine. Do you follow a no / low carb diet?

AppleMagic Wed 15-Jun-16 22:25:30

If he were older or very overweight then those levels would probably get him diagnosed with prediabetes (or at least investigated further). Ie he would be considered at risk of type 2.

Do you have a family history of diabetes (of any type)? If so it might be worth speaking to your GP about MODY diabetes. It's not type 1 or type 2 and is quite rare, but it can explain mild to moderate hypoglycaemia in those who don't fit the profile for type 2.

AppleMagic Wed 15-Jun-16 22:29:15

"Normal" fasting levels for a diabetic would be below 7.7 but for a non-diabetic they would typically be lower (below 5.5).

makingitthroughok Fri 17-Jun-16 20:30:02

thanks all just to update went today 7.4mmol/l they said to moniotor and nurse would write a note to gp. But not to worry to much

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