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to ask about extra income

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Summerbluues Wed 15-Jun-16 15:06:45

Hi everyone

I'm afraid I'm not actually a mum, but I really need some advice and thought this would be a good place to go.

So basically I graduated from uni last summer with a 2.1. I didn't really want to move home, but couldn't afford to move out, so I took a live-in job in a hotel in Scotland. I was there from July last year- April this year and stupidly didn't save much at all. I really regret it and feel like an idiot because I could've saved a decent amount!

Now I am back living at home, and my parents generously don't ask for rent but I do my own food shop as I don't expect them to pay. Basically, I am having a series of medical treatments done every 6-8 weeks and I need 1 week of down time after each one. I will need between 4-8 and have had just one so far. Because of this, I was reluctant to start a "career" because I knew I couldn't ask for 1 week off every few weeks.

So I am working in a shop run by a family friend. They are really understanding and are happy for me to take the time off, but unfortunately the pay really isn't good. I earn just £7 and hour which works out at just over £1000 a month. Like I say I don't pay rent, but I am hoping to move to New Zealand as soon as possible really and need a certain amount to do that. I like to put the majority of my money into savings so I can make the move ASAP, but I just have so little left over each month. I rarely go out (maybe the cinema once every 2 weeks) But other than that I spend no money on nights out etc. I don't buy new clothes often at all...I really can't cut back anywhere.

I did have an evening job in a pub for a month but I just couldn't hack it. I was working 9am-6pm then 7pm-midnight 3 or 4 nights a week and it was too much. Ideally, I would babysit or tutor. I don't know anyone with small kids though and I guess most people just hire people they know or will want someone with a lot of experience (I worked in a nursery one summer but that's as far as it goes!)
Same goes for tutoring- I'd love to do that but again no experience.

Has anyone ever had any success earning money frm home? I see a lot of things claiming you can earn X amount but they all seem like scams.
My best friend is getting married abroad in September and I can't not go- but flights, hotel, gifts, outfit etc...will easily be £1000! which is a whole month salary for me. Sorry to vent I just have sleepless nights worrying about this. I know there is no "easy" way to earn money but if anyone can suggest anything I'd be really grateful.

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