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To be so upset

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Badbadtromance Wed 15-Jun-16 14:44:45

Today a lady left her purse on my desk at work. She had mentioned that she was going to have ten minutes at the tanning shop so I chased after her. Too late she was on the sunbed. On entering the beauty parlor the receptionist asked if I wanted a dubbed. I am not white. Everyone laughed. For the three minutes I was there the other ladies carried on sniggering. On returning to work the bosses husband said " I see you fancied a suntan then. I ignored him as I did the other people but he repeated it twice more. I dont know why I am so upset. I just feel so tearful. I would normally ignore this sort of thing. I have just heard it so many times. As soon as the sun comes out so do the suntan jokes. I think I just need a hug today.

OohMavis Wed 15-Jun-16 14:50:36

What a bunch of twats. Who would find that funny? It's just not. And they stood there patting themselves on the back for the hilarious joke they made, in front of you. Some people have zero social skills.

DH gets these comments every summer too. And so do my children. It's very tiring after the first 50 times.

Icecappedpinetrees Wed 15-Jun-16 14:54:06

Really? I just can't believe there are still, in this day and age, such ignorant and rude people around.

Scarydinosaurs Wed 15-Jun-16 14:54:51

What stupid comments!

I'm sorry that they upset you- I would wait until tomorrow and tell your manager as simply as you can, that you found it upsetting and making jokes about your skin tone makes you feel as if they're laughing at you.

AWaspOnAWindowInAHeatwave Wed 15-Jun-16 14:59:24




or ask them indignantly, in front of everyone, whether they meant to be so crass, rude and insensitive

MLGs Wed 15-Jun-16 14:59:49

Those are really horrible comments OP. So sorry to hear you had to go through that.

I also can't believe people still make jokes like that in this day and age.

It was kind of you to take the purse to the person who left it behind. It's horrible that you should have to be subject to such comments after that.

I'm sitting here wondering why did those women think it was so funny. Because as well as being very offensive it's not remotely funny.

ColdTattyWaitingForSummer Wed 15-Jun-16 15:02:26

Hugs, flowers and tea (or wine!) for you OP. Shocked that people still think that nonsense is ok (not that it ever was). And especially when you were doing something nice for someone. x

Toxicity Wed 15-Jun-16 15:06:37

The joke is on the douchebags in the Sunbed shop - knowing what we know now, they still take that risk with their health.

Sorry you had to encounter such idiots flowers

SapphireStrange Wed 15-Jun-16 15:22:01

Am I in a really po-faced mood today, or is this actually beyond bad social skills and stupid, and shading into racism pure and simple?

I'm shock that anyone would even entertain the idea of saying something like that.

I'd find out who runs/owns the salon and report it. And lodge a report/complaint at work.

The80sweregreat Wed 15-Jun-16 15:33:09

That's really horrible, especially as you were also doing someone a favour too. The people in the shop should be ashamed - might be a good idea to lodge a complaint as shapphire suggested too.
really are twats in the world.

Elllicam Wed 15-Jun-16 15:38:42

How mean sad if it happens again I would complain or if you don't want to complain, smile sweetly and say you wouldn't get a sunbed as you are too worried about melanoma.

OohMavis Wed 15-Jun-16 15:44:20

It comes from the assumption that they're the very first person in the world to realise that people with dark skin are unlikely to ever feel compelled to build a tan, and make a joke about it.

They're generally the types who find themselves hilariously funny and don't even realise that people are making this face hmm and not remotely laughing.

They're surprisingly prevalent during the summer months. Like gnats smile

KoalaDownUnder Wed 15-Jun-16 15:48:20

I am not at all a 'report everybody' type of person, but this has fucked me off beyond belief. angry

I'd report the stupid cows in the subbed place to their boss/ the owner.

I'm sorry this happened to you. You're a better person than them. flowers

Sophia1984 Wed 15-Jun-16 16:20:50

I'm really sorry you had to deal with that. If you feel up to it, I think you would be well within your rights to report it (is the tanning shop a franchise or chain?). Was it YOUR boss's husband who made the joke? I would consider making a report about that as well, though I understand you may feel less comfortable doing that. Humiliating and belittling someone because of the colour of their skin is racism pure and simple and it's disgusting that people still behave like this.

Badbadtromance Wed 15-Jun-16 16:40:33

Thanks all for taking time out to speak to mW. Feeling a lot better now.

KoalaDownUnder Wed 15-Jun-16 16:43:45

I'm glad. These people are ignorant, racist fuckers, and you should go on to live your happy life feeling smug that you are not them. halocakewine

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