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To think homophobia will get worse in the Western Europe and not enough is being done to combat this prejudice

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evilcherub Wed 15-Jun-16 11:54:18

I know homophobia is already pretty common but I think it will get worse the more immigrants from cultures that are intolerant of homosexuality and homosexuals come to Western Europe. I hope gay people will remain safe here in the UK and able to lives their lives without fearing being "out".

SmellyTelly Wed 15-Jun-16 12:22:07

Racism is still rift so why do you think homophobia will be any different?

Samcro Wed 15-Jun-16 12:23:28

and disablism is getting worse.....

shovetheholly Wed 15-Jun-16 12:23:58


Intolerance of any kind is not going to help make the world a better, safer, more lovely place. And that goes for all sides.

Lakiey Wed 15-Jun-16 12:26:39

Why are other posters talking about racism and disablist people when the OP isn't talking about that?

LuciaInFurs Wed 15-Jun-16 12:29:17


Lakiey Wed 15-Jun-16 12:32:02

I agree with LuciaInFurs

Pootles2010 Wed 15-Jun-16 12:32:20

Actually, wierdly I find the opposite - the people who would be 'mildly' homophobic, who are very old-school in their thought, seem to take umbrage to people of other cultures coming to our country and being intolerant, if that makes any sense?

Just what I've seen, anyway.

boopsy Wed 15-Jun-16 12:32:55

Yanbu and with more people arriving from cultures strongly against homosexuality I can see intolerance hitting an all time low unfortunately.

ChipStix Wed 15-Jun-16 12:46:15

In the workplace 20 years ago, casual homophobia was accepted.
I returned to work five years ago to find attitudes have moved on - people are 'out' in the workplace, equality policies are in place, stonewall posters on the wall: 'People are gay get over it.'

I work in a very traditional macho environment and I'm sure homophobic attitudes are still around (nothing to do with immigrants) but the difference is that gay people are supported by he organisation and the culture is changing.

It's a big positive. It doesn't matter whether you are homophobic and homophobia is not the preserve of immigrants by any stretch of the imagination.
What matters it that the rights of gay people are supported and protected at work and in the services they use - education, health, justice.

PeaceOfWildThings Wed 15-Jun-16 12:48:18

Intolerance of any kind is not going to help make the world a better, safer, more lovely place. And that goes for all sides.


Chloe1984 Wed 15-Jun-16 12:53:24

I don't think it is getting worse at all, because in general the absolute vast majority are tolerant. But you will always get people who are not, and I don't think there is a magic button you can press to stop that from happening unfortunately.

Surferjet Wed 15-Jun-16 12:59:02

What Chloe1984 said.

GiraffeTastic Wed 15-Jun-16 13:06:51

Yanbu. But I think all jobs should be available to all applicants regardless of gender, race etc. Until government enforce that catholic priests, imams, etc can't be recruited purely as men then sexism will exist.

Egosumquisum Wed 15-Jun-16 13:14:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AgentProvocateur Wed 15-Jun-16 13:25:40

I think societal homophobia is decreasing and will continue to decrease, but I think the number of individual homophobes will increase due increased immigration of people from fundamental religious backgrounds, and I include Christianity in this.

user1465994110 Wed 15-Jun-16 13:38:44

I have a gay son as after recent events plan to move from where we live in Birmingham as there is just to much of a risk, Sharia areas popping up make me fear for my son's life.

I really hope the government do something soon to stop the spread of this religious homophobia to think we where coming along so well and now Islam is ruining it all.

ChatterNatterer Wed 15-Jun-16 13:41:42

Sharia areas? hmm Say whuuuttttt

I know Birmingham very well and wouldn't say it was at all any more intolerant of gays than other cities! There's a thriving gay quarter in Brum!

Roonerspism Wed 15-Jun-16 13:43:20

I agree. But you aren't allowed to voice concerns.

Basically, women's rights and the rights of homosexuals are trumped by religion.

It's very, very worrying

ChatterNatterer Wed 15-Jun-16 13:46:13

Why are women's rights and gay rights being curtailed by immigrants? Are there new laws being imposed or repealed that I am not aware of?

user1465994110 Wed 15-Jun-16 13:50:19

London Muslim mayor recently set laws on what a acceptable woman body looks like to be displayed in adds.

Why should a Muslim man get to say what an acceptable female body is? Fat or Skinny, Tall or Short, Cover or Uncovered all women body types are acceptable but a Muslim man seem not to think so.

corythatwas Wed 15-Jun-16 13:55:00

I think it is a big mistake to see homophobia merely as an immigration thing. Plenty of western Christian denominations are also homophobic, and so are many western extreme right groups. The danger is that expressing intolerance will become more acceptable all round. And that is certainly a development that seems to be going on at the moment. Evangelical Christians are not necessarily immigrants, though they have often been influenced by American preachers.

If we treat this as an inherently Muslim/alien thing we make it very difficult for moderate Muslims/immigrants to express their views; we also ignore the dangers from our own side.

Homophobia is inherent in both Islam and Christianity in about the same measure. But historically, not all Muslim societies have persecuted gays, and neither do all Christians. It needs to be clear that there is a moderate alternative and that it is mainstream. Most Christians do not go out gay-bashing, most Muslims do not go out gay-bashing.

ChatterNatterer Wed 15-Jun-16 13:55:27

he banned body shaming ads? He's also questioned the wearing of hijab and niqab but I guess that doesn't add to your confirmation bias?

Roonerspism Wed 15-Jun-16 13:58:18

There are parts of London which are no-go for gays.

This is deeply worrying.

TheNewStatesman Wed 15-Jun-16 14:07:54

It's hard to say how things will go in the future.

The overwhelming trend in recent decades has been towards more tolerance, so hopefully we will see that continue.

That said, I wouldn't rule out the idea of a move in the other direction. History works in funny ways. 30 years ago, most people accepted it as a given that the future of Britain was an ever-increasing move towards secularism, with cities like London at the vanguard. Now London is becoming an increasingly religious place (all faiths), and other major British cities are following. Who know what will happen in the future when it comes to tolerance of sexual minorities?

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