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To Think expats shouldn't be able to vote in the EU referendum?

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Snowflakes1122 Wed 15-Jun-16 10:05:45

Am I right? Those expats living abroad less than 15 years have a right to vote in the EU referendum?!

They decide to get out, then want to decide fate of those who stay behind and actually live here? AIBU to think they should duck off as it doesn't have anything to do with them since they left?

Costacoffeeplease Wed 15-Jun-16 10:16:52

I left 13 years ago, I have voted

I live in a European country and have residence rights due to the U.K. also being in the EC, therefore it does still affect me

beingorange Wed 15-Jun-16 10:23:53

well if Brexit happens they may well be forced to up sticks and move back, so yes they should get a say.

InTheSandPit Wed 15-Jun-16 10:26:08

I might not be living there at the moment, but our major bank account is in sterling, our savings are in sterling, we send money over every month, we own a property there. "All" we have here is a bank account holding a months spending and a job. We might not physically be in the UK at the moment, but it is where we will return to. I'm immensely grateful to those who decided we can still influence the long term future of our long term home.

irretating Wed 15-Jun-16 10:26:48

YABU, Brexit may affect them so yes of course they should have a say.

t4gnut Wed 15-Jun-16 10:27:23

Well (a) it affects them and (b) if they're UK citizens they're entitled to.

Personally I think anyone so stupid they believe the Brexit lies should be required to take an IQ test with a minimum threshold for voting.

ReallyTired Wed 15-Jun-16 10:27:55

"well if Brexit happens they may well be forced to up sticks and move back, so yes they should get a say."

EU citizens living in the uk may well be forced to up sticks and move back, but they get no vote.

lavenderbongo Wed 15-Jun-16 10:28:58

I also have British born children who may wish to return to the UK. I'm voting for their future. Even though I am unlikely to ever live in th UK again.

xinchao Wed 15-Jun-16 10:29:54

YABU for the reasons stated above.

newdocket Wed 15-Jun-16 10:30:33

yep, YABU

RedToothBrush Wed 15-Jun-16 10:32:23

If the UK leaves and the pound tanks, then their savings and pension if they are in pounds will have a lot less value.

They had previously contributed to the UK. They may still pay UK tax.

Why shouldn't they be allowed to vote?

Serious question.

Artandco Wed 15-Jun-16 10:33:07

Why? Many expats are only living in Europe temporarily due to work contracts. Dh had to do min 6months in 3 different European countries around 8 years ago. So we lived in Vienna, Munich and Copenhagen for almost 2 years between them. The plan was always to return back. And the company was British, income in sterling etc. We were basically long term tourists

Artandco Wed 15-Jun-16 10:33:33

Oh and yes, we paid uk tax the whole time

SideOrderofChip Wed 15-Jun-16 10:33:41

I live off the mainland and im not voting. I have no intention of moving back (wouldn't have to from where i am as not in the eu) so why would i vote to decide the fate of somewhere i dont live

JamieVardysParty Wed 15-Jun-16 10:34:48

I am an "expat" in the sense that one day, we will be repatriated back to the UK. As such, we still have significant ties to the UK in terms of paying tax, savings, property etc.

However I'm not able to vote due to a lack of postal service where I currently live. Most people expect expatriates to vote Remain - however I would be leaning towards Exit.

Notbigandnotclever Wed 15-Jun-16 10:38:05

I think if they are going to do it everyone it affects should get a vote. That does include expats but should also include EU citizens who currently permanently live here.

lifeistooshort Wed 15-Jun-16 10:38:57

YABVU just because they leave abroad for some time does not make then any less of a citizen or English national than you!

SmellyTelly Wed 15-Jun-16 10:40:16

No they shouldn't be allowed to vote

angelos02 Wed 15-Jun-16 10:40:31

well if Brexit happens they may well be forced to up sticks and move back, so yes they should get a say

So the millions of Poles, Romanians etc that are here will have to move back to their country of origin too? What year would be used as a cut-off? Eg, if you moved here in 2005, you have to 'go back home'? And vice-versa for UK expats living abroad?

InTheSandPit Wed 15-Jun-16 10:40:53

Jamie too late for this vote, but if there is a vote in the future you qualify for, you get get a proxy vote (friend, family, or contact the side you wish to vote for).
Others I know with dubious mail have done this. We happen to be flying back in time to vote in person.

StrawberryandCreamPips Wed 15-Jun-16 10:42:09

"They decided to get out"?? Well actually no, I just happened to fall in love with and marry someone from another EU country.

Also, it cuts both ways: you could say the same about those who have chosen not to exercise their rights of free movement deciding the fate of those of us who have. British citizen is British citzen.

Plus all the other excellent arguments given by posters above.

hellocornflakegirl Wed 15-Jun-16 10:42:44

YABU. British EU citizens exercising their right to live and work in other EU countries should absolutely be entitled to vote in the referendum. You say that we have 'ducked off' out of the country, I presume you mean fucked off? And I presume you mean that we have abandoned the UK, washed our hands of it and never looked back? This is a very odd, narrow minded view. Why would that automatically be the case? The whole point of being part of the EU, and being a CITIZEN of the EU, is the freedom to live, work, contribute to, develop, and develop in different parts of a wider community, just like people who move around within their own country do, but on a larger scale. Why on earth wouldn't British citizens living legally within the EU get a say in what happens?

MaidOfStars Wed 15-Jun-16 10:46:46

I'm more annoyed that EU citizens paying taxes/owning properties/schooling children/contributing to the betterment of the U.K. aren't getting a vote.

JassyRadlett Wed 15-Jun-16 10:46:55

Using that logic, you'll be happy for EU immigrants living ohin the UK to have a vote in the referendum, yes?

corythatwas Wed 15-Jun-16 10:47:04

many expats are expats precisely because they work for businesses which bring money from Europe into the UK, a good few of them UK businesses

one might add the many academics who do research or research collaboration abroad and then bring the benefits of their research home to the UK

and there is diplomats, embassy staff, various types of British government officials posted abroad

if the only people living abroad were to be people who had decided to abandon the UK and their British identity forever, a lot of British trade would collapse

our economy absolutely depends on some people being willing to spend longer or shorter periods in other countries and then being able to either move on to a different country or come back when their job is done

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