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Too much or too little credit?

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KaosReigns Wed 15-Jun-16 02:14:20

Asking here since DP already thinks I give the dog too much credit, and I'm currently 39+5 and questioning my sanity about everything.

Have posted before about dogs next door barking, and now my worst fears have been realised and my bloody dog has started joining in.

She went off 4 times this morning, so fed up I marched on out there and told her to shut the hell up. Gave her a proper talking to and as tone matters more than what I actually say ended up telling her that if she was silent for 2 hours I would put off all the things I have to do today and go play fetch.

It has been 1 hour and 45 minutes, and not a peep. Not a growl, bark or whine. I wouldn't have promised it if I thought she would actually be quiet for that long.

I have to go play fetch now don't I?

KaosReigns Wed 15-Jun-16 02:15:59

For the record normally I would be all for it, but I'm so miserable and huge at the moment and she insists on dropping her stick on the ground which is so far away.

LilySnape Wed 15-Jun-16 14:56:38

Op i think you need to see a doctor you'll be talking to the walls next hmm

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