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To feel pissed off with my partner

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Vedgeoh Tue 14-Jun-16 23:57:49

My partner answers his phone while we are having sex, I have always disliked it but the most recent time he did this has made me feel angry!
He answered his phone to his ex and proceeded to have a minor argument with her while grabbing at me and trying to continue to have sex with me at the same time, I was getting dressed ready to leave him to his ex and their ever so important conversation.
AIBU to expect his full attention during sex?
He knows I don't like it but I might let this last phone call ruin our relationship, I feel really unappreciated and angry and have not had any contact with him since. angry

PPie10 Tue 14-Jun-16 23:59:01

You really need to ask?

Mummyme1987 Tue 14-Jun-16 23:59:06

Wtf? LTB

steff13 Wed 15-Jun-16 00:00:14

I would have been done the first time it happened.

TowerRavenSeven Wed 15-Jun-16 00:01:17

What was she calling for? Was it about his kids? How often has this happened? He shouldn't be grabbing for you whilst on the phone with her regardless. But whether he stayed on the phone, comes down to what the call was about.

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 15-Jun-16 00:02:02

If this is real, and my lack of belief should give you an idea of how odd I think this behaviour is, he'd have been single the first time.

VimFuego101 Wed 15-Jun-16 00:04:50

Of course it's not acceptable.

steff13 Wed 15-Jun-16 00:08:27

I wonder if he did it with the ex too? If it were me I'd be wondering if he was having sex with someone every time I called him.

Savemefromwine Wed 15-Jun-16 00:10:10

What a catch he is!

Vedgeoh Wed 15-Jun-16 00:25:59

It's not a common thing then, judging from your responses?
He always answers his bloody phone when it rings.
I honestly believe he'd answer it to see if he's been mis-sold PPI!

Vedgeoh Wed 15-Jun-16 00:28:18

He always answers his bloody phone during sex I meant to say!
Totally unacceptable IMO so thanks, it's not just me being over sensitive.

MyKingdomForBrie Wed 15-Jun-16 00:32:52

My god no that is not normal.

VestalVirgin Wed 15-Jun-16 00:47:04

I believe it is used in movies to show that someone doesn't give a shit about the person he has sex with.
Cannot remember a specific movie, but ... yeah. Didn't think this was something real people did.

Also, completely inappropriate behaviour towards the people who call. I am not proud of it, but I once worked in a place that called people to try and sell them insurances. The very thought that a man I had to call would have answered the phone while ... it makes me want to vomit.

pizzanchips Wed 15-Jun-16 00:58:59

Eh??? Seriously??? Especially an ex? LTB

powershowerforanhour Wed 15-Jun-16 01:00:06

Make really noisy OTT ridiculously fake screaming orgasm noises- possibly calling out a name that isn't your DP's- so they can't hear each other and keep it up till he hangs up. Go on, I dare ya.

LilacInn Wed 15-Jun-16 01:08:54

Every time I think I've seen the absolute extreme in what women are willing to put up with to keep a boyfriend, somebody tops it.

OP, it's not normal and it's not acceptable. it is disrespectful to you and frankly the sign of huge insecurity on his part if he is afraid to miss a single call. In your shoes I would conclude that he was not that into me and move on fast.

Italiangreyhound Wed 15-Jun-16 01:25:50

I don't think he respects you very much. Sorry. thanks

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 15-Jun-16 02:10:36

Sex is not something you multitask.

waitingforsomething Wed 15-Jun-16 02:21:17

Wtf? That's highly unacceptable and I would not be carrying on sex with someone on their phone. If it's an emergency stop having sex.
If it's not don't answer

YourPerception Wed 15-Jun-16 02:26:50

You deserve better. I agree he is being disrespectful to you and has issues of he has to andwer his phone during sex.

KaosReigns Wed 15-Jun-16 02:57:40

No this isn't normal at all. DP would never forgive me if I did this to him.

First ever LTB.

SpinyCrevice Wed 15-Jun-16 02:58:47

MrsTerryP Multitask grin grin grin

goddessofsmallthings Wed 15-Jun-16 03:05:56

It's not a common thing then...?
it's not just me being over sensitive

No and No are the answers to your questions.

I like powershower's idea. Next time his phone rings shout 'girls on top time' and bounce up and down on his dick while making loud orgasmic noises and pinching his nipples hard.

Seriously, OP, how the fuck can you call this disrespectful moron a 'partner' when you don't get his undivided attention in bed?

You sure have scraped the barrel for this one and it's time to bin him for good.

Believeitornot Wed 15-Jun-16 03:21:35

Tower having kids with his ex does not excuse his behaviour in anyway?!

It is disrespectful to both the OP and to the person ringing. I suspect it is a weird power trip.

OP why did he leave his ex?

You need to leave him. Sorry.

tibbawyrots Wed 15-Jun-16 04:53:32


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