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To think going on holiday with a baby/toddler is never fun?

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Makeupbabes Mon 13-Jun-16 22:38:33

Is it just me who finds this?
We went away last year only to Prestatyn but my god did I find it hard, so much so that we actually left a day earlier as I couldn't wait to get back to normality.

I found my 18 month old DS to be a bit overwhelmed (& wouldn't sleep well or nap) by being away & we did seem to struggle with ways to entertain him. It's actually put me off going away this year.

Also the thought of going abroad & taking a toddler on a plane makes me feel very anxious! Does anyone else find holidays with toddlers hard?

StillCounting123 Mon 13-Jun-16 22:47:33

Yes! And again, yes!

We went overseas at Easter with 6 year old DS and 3 year old DD. Tantrums, illness, etc. Looked at DH on the flight home and agreed that we'd not go overseas till DC are in High School.

Just not relaxing!

MissCalamity Mon 13-Jun-16 22:50:38

I just drink...a lot....grin

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHorrid Mon 13-Jun-16 22:53:09

I so agree. Stuck in the middle of the French countryside with a toddler with tonsillitis is not fun.

It's not fun even if they are well in all honesty.

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea Mon 13-Jun-16 22:53:31


It's not a holiday. It's childcare in a less convenient place.

Bails2014 Mon 13-Jun-16 22:55:01

We went to Center Parcs with out 18 month old and it was brilliant, lots of our door fun to knacker him out for afternoon naps when we would shag or watch a film, booked restaurants for early and every single one has a soft play area so we could take him for a bit of time out between courses. Not only that we filled the car with everything we needed (and more) and could take it right to the door of where we were staying.

Super child friendly without being too holiday camp.

SelinaMeyerVP Mon 13-Jun-16 22:56:33

That's why we didn't holiday until the kids were much older - or with enough family to share the pain childcare

Pico2 Mon 13-Jun-16 22:57:59

It's not a holiday, it's a trip.

Atenco Mon 13-Jun-16 22:58:02

Sorry, OP, I have to say I still remember taking my dd to the beach when she was 18 months old and how much I enjoyed it.

eleanorofaquitaine Mon 13-Jun-16 23:00:32

We are all different, so if it doesn't work for you, then fair enough. We travelled overseas as soon as each baby was eligible for a passport and have had the most memorable times..... Eating out in Anti-Paros with firecrackers going off whilst our first born slept oblivious in her pushchair; driving 5 hours to see family; jostling off ferries with pushchairs, toddlers and luggage. If such things make you anxious then it might transfer to little ones, I don't know. But don't be put off by one bad experience. Best of luck.

ShesAStar Mon 13-Jun-16 23:01:47

I enjoy seaside holidays with the DC where the beach is a short walk from where we're staying and the town is full of nice places to have a coffee/ice cream/ lunch etc. We have breakfast out every morning because the DC find it a massive treat. We do beach in the morning and walks in the afternoon. The DC were 2 and 5 when we started these holidays, but when it rains we spend a fortune!

Puppymouse Mon 13-Jun-16 23:01:58

What Unexpected said. DD wouldn't let anyone look after her other than me and occasionally DH on our extended family Hol last year. I think everyone was left feeling a bit shit and I was knackered.

OuchLegoHurts Mon 13-Jun-16 23:02:32

Sorry OP, we started taking our twins abroad every year from when they were two...lots of fun on the beach, then naps around midday when they were worn out, sneaky midday beers for us during said nap, and then wine with dinner made great holidays! However, the two night hotel break at home type thing was always a disaster for us. Sharing a hotel room is just hell...even still!

HicDraconis Mon 13-Jun-16 23:03:53

YABU, or rather you are possibly going on the wrong sorts of holidays or with the wrong aim in mind.

I have taken my toddlers on holiday all over - DS1 was 18 months old when we went to NZ for a few weeks (was 29 weeks pregnant with DS2 at the time) and we all had a fantastic time. Lots of beaches to play on, lots of parks to play in, new places to explore - but we kept it very toddler oriented and enjoyed spending the time outdoors playing with him. We ate out in places that looked child friendly although everywhere seems to have a box of toys for children to use.

He was 9 months old when we spent a week in Cyprus and aside from being inside from 12-2 (too hot to be outside) we spent our time splashing in the pool, going for walks around the village, eating out and more splashing in the pool. Lots of sunscreen, lots of fun.

Child friendly destinations where the toddler has lots to do and you spend your holiday having fun with them will be a better experience for everyone than a holiday where you try and do adult stuff and expect your toddler to put up with it. I did occasionally sling DS1 when I wanted to go for a longer walk, but he absolutely adored the penguins, the zoos, the seals, the boat rides, the albatrosses flying overhead - the few museums I wanted to visit we split the time into buggy time with a toy while I looked at what I wanted to see, then went to something that was more interesting for him, then back to buggy time for him and an exhibit for me again. Worked really well.

KP86 Mon 13-Jun-16 23:04:13

Pico, you are so right. We are going on a road trip for two weeks in August with a 2.4yo. Sleeping in the same hotel rooms on the way, it will be interesting at best.

Others ask if we are holidaying. No, we are going away, but it won't be much of a holiday!

Still looking forward to it though.

KP86 Mon 13-Jun-16 23:04:57

We did have a pretty good time at Butlins earlier this year.

FadedRed Mon 13-Jun-16 23:07:47

Sorry I don't agree. We took DC at least twice a year, usually abroad, from 5 months. Different to pre kids, but always enjoyable or we wouldn't have kept doing it.

BikeRunSki Mon 13-Jun-16 23:07:56

Same s***, different place, but without toys, friends etc.

RatOnnaStick Mon 13-Jun-16 23:08:01

Same shit, different place.

weeblueberry Mon 13-Jun-16 23:10:10

Totally agree. We went to Corfu last year and it was just the same stuff but in a muuuuuch hotter climate. And I sat and held the baby in the shade while everyone went into the pool. They'd suggested beforehand that they'd take turns to have her while I chilled out but as soon as they realised she was essentially a sweaty squirming thing and they couldn't sunbathe with her they gave her back pretty sharpish.

BackforGood Mon 13-Jun-16 23:10:37

YABU. I have some wonderful memories of their first time in the sea, or first time on the sand on the beach, etc., etc from whe mine were little.
Holidays are different from when you went before you have dc, but that doesn't mean there isn't fun to be had.

I wouldn't / chose never to take tinies abroad though.

RatOnnaStick Mon 13-Jun-16 23:10:44


Tbh if it's not equal or preferably higher standard accommodation than home I'm not interested in going. I need comfort and luxury to compensate me for all the shit that goes with holidays with young children.

HeddaGarbled Mon 13-Jun-16 23:14:20

Yes, yes, yes to Centre Parcs.

Carrados Mon 13-Jun-16 23:14:58

Don't know. Just chill out and get on with it.

AnnaMarlowe Mon 13-Jun-16 23:15:12

It can be lots of fun. The mistake is think that it will bear any resemblance to the kind of holidays you had pre kids.

People who take small children to stay in hotels on a "lying runs the pool in the sun" are insanely optimistic in my book.

Self catering.
Near a beach/park/swimming pool/supermarket
Take child on long walks in fresh air.
Enjoy (hopefully) quiet evenings together (with chocolate and wine)

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