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School dress ruined at school!

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DianaMitford Mon 13-Jun-16 20:03:55

As the title says. New dress, bought at the beginning of the summer term. 9yo DD, doing art today and black ink has soaked through her apron onto her dress. I washed it immediately she came home with Vanish and it's faded but it's ruined. I mean, she can still wear it but it's got black ink all down the front angry

My dilemma is that a new dress is £40 and there are no secondhand ones. Do I say anything to the school?? If so, what?!

Pineapple5678 Mon 13-Jun-16 20:05:47

£40 for a school dress!?!

SparklesandBangs Mon 13-Jun-16 20:05:47

How is a school dress £40

HangingRockPicnic Mon 13-Jun-16 20:05:58

Can't you buy one of the 2 for £7 ones from Tesco?

kitchenunit Mon 13-Jun-16 20:06:18

Was the apron school issue? If so I would point out that they don't do a great job. No point the school spending money on shit aprons that don't protect their clothes.

kimlo Mon 13-Jun-16 20:06:51

Terms nearly over I would just keep using it. She was wearing an apron so it was an accident, she should have been protected.

MrsPigling Mon 13-Jun-16 20:07:07

I had similar with black paint when dd1 was in year 3. I took the dress in the next day and complained. I've no idea what the ta washed it in, but it all came out!

araiba Mon 13-Jun-16 20:08:18

sounds like the best place for a school dress

deste Mon 13-Jun-16 20:08:27

My DDs school dress was £35 and that was twenty five years ago. I suspect it is a private school and you have to wear the one specified.

acasualobserver Mon 13-Jun-16 20:08:32


(My thanks to a poster on another school thread who assisted me in making this list as helpful as possible.)

HangingRockPicnic Mon 13-Jun-16 20:09:58

Ha ha Casual. Are you a teacher?

OSETmum Mon 13-Jun-16 20:10:31

I'm assuming it's a private school, in which case YANBU because if they insist on £40 dresses, they should make sure they keep them clean.

If it's a state school, YABU for buying a £40 dress when there's perfectly good ones for less than a fiver in every supermarket.

Reapwhatyousow Mon 13-Jun-16 20:12:44

Please just send her to shool in a clean (albeit) stained dress. Otherwise it sends out entirely the wrong message to a young girl that she ought to be spotless. Whereas young people go to school to learn and experiment and yes come home less than pristine!

RubbleBubble00 Mon 13-Jun-16 20:12:53

Iv had two polo shirts destroyed in last two weeks with blue paint and then back paint. Irritating but that's life at school

PaulAnkaTheDog Mon 13-Jun-16 20:16:27

That's life. It's school.

Frankly I'm more concerned that you initially spent £40 on a school dress.

freshprincess Mon 13-Jun-16 20:17:09

This close to the end of term I'd be reluctAnt to buy a new one. Depends how bad the stain is and how much trouble she would get into for having a stained dress.

KleineDracheKokosnuss Mon 13-Jun-16 20:18:50

Summer dresses are £40 at my DDs school too, and have no give so the button holes tend to rip. So I currently send her in the boys uniform.

Keep using the dress. There's not enough time left in the term to bother changing it.

Mumonthesofa Mon 13-Jun-16 20:19:30

My DC's shirts are stained with white board marker. I still send them in them, they are always clean and it is clearly a stain. if it were photo day or a trip I'd be sending them in sparkly new, but day to day I'd rather they relaxed and didn't worry about keeping clean!

pristinechristine Mon 13-Jun-16 20:20:48

£3 in the Sainsburys sale.

TaliZorahVasNormandy Mon 13-Jun-16 20:21:06

I send DD is with stained uniform. With about 5 weeks left for her at school, I havent got anything new. Plus she grows like a weed so no point buying anything until September.

NeedsAsockamnesty Mon 13-Jun-16 20:23:54

The dresses are £45 at one of my kids schools as well and you are not allowed to get them from anywhere else

OliveBranchCollins Mon 13-Jun-16 20:26:10

DD's dresses are always stained by the tool of satan that is the mud kitchen.
I don't know what they have in it I have no problems getting mud out of sports kits including cricket whites

AppleSetsSail Mon 13-Jun-16 20:28:10

What would you like the school to do?

I think you must live with the stain or buy a new dress.

Andbabymakesthree Mon 13-Jun-16 20:29:08

£40 dress here too . Fortunately lots of hand me downs from school office.

Tackle it from the apron point of view.

Hulababy Mon 13-Jun-16 20:29:35

DD did something similar, after 2 or 3 washes it did fade a lot more to just a couple of areas. I made her still wear it, and just hoped her other one (r was it two?) would stay nice enough for events when she needed to be more smart.

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