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aibu t be annoyed at facebook photo of your dad

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NoahVale Sat 11-Jun-16 19:17:23

How many of you are willing to put a photo up hmm

what is that all about,

doesntmatterwhoyouare Sat 11-Jun-16 19:18:17

What are you talking about. wine?

doesntmatterwhoyouare Sat 11-Jun-16 19:18:44

I mean do you need wine not are you drunk smile

Zippidydoodah Sat 11-Jun-16 19:19:45

I know what you mean- it's one of those extremely shit Facebook things re: Father's Day, and asking how many are willing to put a picture of their dad as their profile pic. Fucking wanky bollocks.

DontBuyANewMumCashmere Sat 11-Jun-16 19:19:47

YABVU to be annoyed with anything on Facebook. Just ignore it!

Dailyfuckingsnail Sat 11-Jun-16 19:20:08

Is that why half the profile pics are dads? I'm not sure about the willing part....mine is far more photogenic than I am!

TheNewSchmoo Sat 11-Jun-16 19:20:24

Some twat started it, surely you're not surprised Facebook is full of sheep? I just think "that's nice dear" and ignore.

sunnydayinmay Sat 11-Jun-16 19:21:03

Hate all those stupid chain type things. Always the same, few, people on my newsfeed, mind you. I just hide them.

Zippidydoodah Sat 11-Jun-16 19:21:24

Oh I did just ignore it, but I can't help but have a pang of "my so called dad is a waste of space" whenever I see anything like this. My problem, though; nobody else's 😊

NoahVale Sat 11-Jun-16 19:22:13

I am willing, of course, <<if I could find one>> but its the I want to see how many of you are willing
now that gets my GOAT.

Why do you want to see?
Fuck off

GloGirl Sat 11-Jun-16 19:23:15

Oh I couldn't dare put a picture of my Dad up! Ooh everyone who does is Sooo brave star

kitchenunit Sat 11-Jun-16 19:23:38

Urgh. My mum is doing some sort of "nature challenge" at the moment. Seems to involve spending a week posting pictures of the back garden.

Yes, very challenging hmm

BrexitentialCrisis Sat 11-Jun-16 19:25:05

I know, as if all the dads will be waiting for us to fanny about on Facebook to validate our relationships with them. My dad knows I love him without my having to do this twuntery.

doesntmatterwhoyouare Sat 11-Jun-16 19:25:46

Oh ok I've not seen it, mine ws a waste of space his dead now so at least we have the space back. hmm
I've no pics any way.


mogloveseggs Sat 11-Jun-16 19:26:28

It's all over mine. No I'm not willing. Got tagged in one that said Put photos up that you feel feel you look good in too! Just odd confused

Just5minswithDacre Sat 11-Jun-16 19:26:57

Why do you want to see?

Because they're a bit sad?

katefuckswilly Sat 11-Jun-16 19:27:37

I base my judgements on my fb friends intelligence on exactly this kind of tripe. So much I hate about fb yet I'm too fucking nosy to leave...

MaryPoppinsPenguins Sat 11-Jun-16 19:27:50

I saw that... Remembered my dad is an aggressive asshole who made all our lives hell and felt mildly annoyed.... Then I just scrolled past smile

Dumbledoresgirl Sat 11-Jun-16 19:29:09

The father one hasn't got round to my corner of Facebook yet, but I have seen the Nature challenge. I always dread being tagged as I don't want to be a spoilsport but I have no desire to join in.

The really irritating trend, I've not seen for a while, thank God, is the one where someone posts something, you comment, and they then message you and say you have been caught out and must now post the same unlikely story on your own newsfeed. hmm

sepa Sat 11-Jun-16 19:31:02

My dad is a waste of space but I hate seeing that type of stuff because I know a lot of people who's parents have passed away. I feel the same on Mother's Day and all the other things that go around.
I also find 'post this if you love your son/daughter' type things because I also know people who can't have children. And also, most people love their kids.

I always assume it's my issue though so refrain from post sarcastic comments

starry0ne Sat 11-Jun-16 19:32:53

I got a happy fathers day to me as his Dad was a twat posted on my wall made me smile..

My Own dad was a twat too ( see a pattern) I won't be posting a pic of him...I may of posted a pic of me dancing on his grave ( I haven't physically done it before anyone asks) however my sister is on my Fb and it would upset her so won;t.

Ameliablue Sat 11-Jun-16 19:33:37

I get what you mean, the message implies you don't love your dad if you don't put his picture up. I love my dad but he's not interested in Facebook or having his picture either taken or displayed for all to see Obviously there are also many other reasons why people don't want to do it too.

PovertyPain Sat 11-Jun-16 19:39:03

Urgh. My mum is doing some sort of "nature challenge" at moment.

I had a completly different idea in my head when I read that first sentence. So glad you elaborated. [blush[]grin]

bushtailadventures Sat 11-Jun-16 19:44:04

If I posted a picture of my Dad on fb he'd wonder what the hell was wrong with me!

I hate all the sharing bollocks anyway, it makes me cringe, especially when people I considered intelligent follow the crowd.

RaptorInaPorkPieHat Sat 11-Jun-16 19:48:52

I've changed mine.

To a milkman. grin

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