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To take this lower paying job?

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user1461609321 Sat 11-Jun-16 12:34:05


Happy week everyone. Hi I am currently locuming in a social work post, pay is good, However the job is very risk-think child protection.

Anyways out of the blue, I am offered management opportunity for a company I used to work for where pay is significantly lower (almost half of current salary, but a live-able wage) risks associated with the job also lower and boss willing to negotiate various aspects of job to give me flexibility around childcare as both children will only be in nursery/ yr 1 in September

Main dilemmas are of course pay, I am desperate to progress in career as currently only at senior level now with little prospect for promotion as organisations don't invest in training temp staff as you can imagine

Also there are huge implications for family business we have just started, as half of salary has been so far going towards that in the last year and business is yet to be making any money on its own.

Other issues stem from atypical set up of company wanting me to be the manager, I.e usual setting and slightly 'eccentric' owner.

If I stay in current role family business may progress at quicker rate, but if I take new opportunity, I can advance career which may place me in better career position even if I leave with 6-12 months as would then have management experience

What would you do?

VestalVirgin Sat 11-Jun-16 13:03:29

So the new job is lower paid, but you would be in a better career position?

I'd always choose longterm safety over short-term advantages. Just not sure which is which here. Is the eccentric owner trustworthy? Will this management experience be counted as management experience by other employers?

And how do you like the people you would work with?

If you put all your money into the family business, I think getting some management experience is a good idea - that family business might never make money. Starting something new tends to be risky. So either way, you should save some money for that case.

user1461609321 Sat 11-Jun-16 13:25:19

Hi Vestal, yes both jobs are within the same field, therefore any management experience/ skills gained will hopefully be transferable.

I like the other people within the organisation, some of which I have maintained a friendship with.

Manager in new/ lower paying role can occasionally micromanage a bit, can often think his way is best and can be a bit loud etc on the phone which I didn't like, however it is his own business therefore an element of this is probably linked to his anxieties re making his business a success.

On the other hand in my current role, manager is also new, don't especially trust him, and whilst work had been very flexible with me, there are a lot of new changes due to take place within the next few months eg higher workload and more complexity of cases which again equals higher risk which I do not feel comfortable with.

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