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To email this potential employer - or not?

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HumbleCrumble Fri 10-Jun-16 09:52:59

Will try to give enough information to be clear without outing myself...

I had an interview earlier this week. I hadn't had any direct contact with the person interviewing me beforehand (it was set up by someone else).

I felt it went well and that I got on well with the interviewer. At the end, she said if I thought of any more questions later I could email her, and gave me her contact details.

I've been told not to expect a decision until next week.

I've got a good feeling about this job and I don't want to do (or not do) anything to hurt my chances.

So my question is, in this situation would you email the interviewer just to reinforce your interest in the job? I don't have anything I need to ask her, but I could just say it was good to meet you, company looks great etc. I almost feel like her giving me her details was an invitation to do that, and if I don't get in touch I'll seem uninterested... Or would I just seem pushy and annoying, and should I just wait for the outcome next week?

TamaraHiddlestoned Fri 10-Jun-16 09:58:54

I'd wait. Decisions take time; don't try to buck the system. If it's meant to be, you'll get it.
Best wishes

araiba Fri 10-Jun-16 10:05:43

I've been told not to expect a decision until next week.

louisagradgrind Fri 10-Jun-16 10:08:33

I might make up a question and, as an aside, tack on how good it was to meet her.

whois Fri 10-Jun-16 10:08:38

I would email actually - shows you're keen.

BusyNothings Fri 10-Jun-16 10:32:13

Depending on the job I've recently learned a thank you for being invited into interview and look forward to hearing from you blah blah is actually expected from some companies confused who knew?!

SandyDays Fri 10-Jun-16 10:36:56

Ive recently gone through the interview process and emailed after both 1st and 2nd interview to thank them for their time and reconfirm my interest in the position
I was offered the job so it cant have put them off!

icanteven Fri 10-Jun-16 10:37:25

I would always email. I'm pushy, and although it depends on the personality of the person who interviewed you, I would rather be seen as keen than ambivalent.

ceebie Fri 10-Jun-16 10:38:56

I would e-mail. It shows interest.

Actually, I would draft an e-mail, and then think about it for a bit to make sure the tone of the e-mail is right, and if you feel comfortable with it, then send.

wannabehippyandcrazycatlover Fri 10-Jun-16 10:46:13

Always email if you have their direct details- thank them for their time, confirm your interest and what you can bring to the role.

HumbleCrumble Fri 10-Jun-16 10:51:12

Thanks for the opinions, I think I will email.

ceebie that's a very good point, I'm drafting one now and will give it some time and a few re-reads to make sure I've got it right before sending.

Fluffyears Fri 10-Jun-16 13:29:08

I've been told it is good form to e-mail. Thank them for their time say how much you liked the company and you look forward to hearing from them in due course. Good luck.

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