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when someone says 'I need the sick bucket'...

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WiddlinDiddlin Thu 09-Jun-16 20:40:02

AIBU to expect that these words or indeed any phrase containing the words 'sick bucket' and an indication that one may be required in the immediate future, be responded to with some urgency?

Last night I had to get out of bed emergency style and to do this, I had to wake OH and get him to move out of the way.

As I got out I said 'I think I will need the sick bucket'.. and hurtled off to the loo.

After a while it turned out I was correct but no sick bucket had appeared, in the end I had to shout (very hard when about to spew and then, actually whilst spewing) and bang on the wall before he stirred himself and came AMBLING out of the bedroom, no haste, no hurry at all, to give me the sick bucket.

I have always considered the magical words 'sick bucket' to be a trigger for INSTANT action, immediacy, hurtling and zooming, something one doesn't even THINK about ... but OH claims not so.

So - are these words cause for urgency or is it acceptable to 'fetch it later' or 'in a minute' or 'when you have a mouthful of vom and are grunting and banging on the wall to avoid splattering the floor'...

This is not a rare occurrence in our house, I do spew quite frequently, we have had this discussion MANY times and of course, if I can I grab the appropriate receptacle on my way to the loo. In the interests of not drip-feeding, no we can't keep a sick bucket in the loo it is too small, it generally lives in the bedroom but out of my reach, and our loo and bathroom are separate so I can't spew in the sink whilst pointing my arse at the loo

SanityClause Thu 09-Jun-16 20:42:11

YANBU. The correct term is Sicky Bucket.

DropYourSword Thu 09-Jun-16 20:43:00

If you are sick regularly then if I were you I'd keep it at the side of the bed, within reach.

KondosSecretJunkRoom Thu 09-Jun-16 20:43:00

If you make it to the loo you don't need a sick bucket. Am I doing it wrong? confused

KondosSecretJunkRoom Thu 09-Jun-16 20:43:54

Ah, sorry. Yes, I've read it properly now. YANBU.

HermioneJeanGranger Thu 09-Jun-16 20:44:04

Can't you throw up into the loo?

FeckinCrutches Thu 09-Jun-16 20:45:53

But you were already spewing in the toilet, why do you need a bucket?

RobinHumphries Thu 09-Jun-16 20:45:59

You don't spew in a sink, you spew down the toilet. I have never had a sick bucket.

MooseAndSquirrel Thu 09-Jun-16 20:46:53

Two phrases that everyone jumps to in our house
* sick bowl! (self explanatory, whoever is near jumps into action)
* get a spoon! (for dunked biscuit droppage - whoever is closest to kitchen dives into action)

KondosSecretJunkRoom Thu 09-Jun-16 20:47:20

The OP can vom in the loo but not shit in it at the same time. Given the cleanup operation, I'd just sit on the loo and vom up the wall.

FeckinCrutches Thu 09-Jun-16 20:48:31

I'd be more concerned that if you are spewing that regularly you need to keep a bucket near your bed.

acasualobserver Thu 09-Jun-16 20:49:04

You need to explain why you don't just puke in the bog. Sick buckets are for when you can't get out of bed.

PurpleDaisies Thu 09-Jun-16 20:49:23

YANBU. The correct term is Sicky Bucket.

Are you my dh?! I've only ever heard him call it that. It makes me smile (just before vomiting).

We've used one on when we both had norovirus-we only have one bathroom.

HermioneJeanGranger Thu 09-Jun-16 20:50:10

Oh, x-post.

Is your bathroom really so tiny that you can't keep it next to the loo or in the shower or something?

If an adult told me they were going to be sick I would assume they could reach the toilet, tbh.

KondosSecretJunkRoom Thu 09-Jun-16 20:50:19

She did. The op's sink is in a different room to the toilet.

purpleporpoise Thu 09-Jun-16 20:52:42

I have to sit on the loo when being sick, sick bucket is en route and usually used for an upstairs recycling bin. DH knows I've had an issue if there's recycling all over the landing grin

SexLubeAndAFishSlice Thu 09-Jun-16 20:53:12

Last time I had D&V I was sat on the loo and the only thing I could reach to puke into was the dogs bowl grin

AllegraWho Thu 09-Jun-16 20:54:25

I don't get it either. Surely the sick from the bucket has to go down the loo eventually anyway, so why not just cut out the middle man ? Do you always evacuate from both ends at the same time, or are unable to bend over the loo ? If the answer to either is yes, then YANBU, and he should be spewed over to teach him some urgency.

VestalVirgin Thu 09-Jun-16 20:56:07

I think that is one of the cases where it is in everyone's best interest to fetch that bucket ASAP.

Also, can't understand why he's so unconcerned about this. I'd want to know if everything is alright. I am not a very socially competent person, but checking on sick people is sort of intuitive.

PuppyMonkey Thu 09-Jun-16 20:57:45

It's taken me ages to work out what you're on about OP, so perhaps when your DH heard you say "sick bucket" but realised you were already at the loo, he too thought you were being sick in there so what's the point of rushing with the sick bucket. confused

(Does op mean she had D&V too, I'm still not sure - did her DH realise that too?)

MotherOfGlob Thu 09-Jun-16 20:58:02

YANBU. I suspect it would be the same in our house (but pray I never have the misfortune to find out). DP has no sense of urgency whatsoever . Spillage on new carpet 'get a cloth!!!'. Ambles to kitchen while I frantically mop up with one crumpled used tissue. Ffs.

Helmetbymidnight Thu 09-Jun-16 20:58:37

When dh- then dp- found I had a sick bucket in my bedroom (I vomit with migraines) he had to look deep inside himself as it nearly was a deal breaker for him!

We married anyway and I no longer have the bucket. sad

one day...

ShatnersBassoon Thu 09-Jun-16 20:59:35

To be fair to him, sorting out a puking adult isn't a two man job. Was he asleep when you said it? Where is the bucket kept? Could you sleep on the side of the bed that is easier to get out of in a hurry if you frequently vomit in the night?

WiddlinDiddlin Thu 09-Jun-16 21:02:44

Argh though I had covered every possible question there!

Loo contains, just the loo - windowsill behind loo contains loo roll, any further piling of stuff up there results in surprise avalanches.

Sick bucket (in fact, a bowl but always referred to as bucket in our house) resides on OH's side of the bed wedged out of the way of Rampant Bastard Lurcher who consumes anything made of plastic within reach, unfortunately out of reach of him is out of reach of me!

Yes, I have lots of things wrong with me that result in sicking and squitting being relatively 'normal' (nothing is actually normal in my house!).

I have read the thread out to OH who still thinks its funny and normal to NOT leap into action the minute the words are uttered.

jillyarmeen16 Thu 09-Jun-16 21:03:11

If it's kept in the bedroom why didn't you grab it on the way out?
Was it coming out both ends on this occasion?
Call me uncaring but I wouldn't be too pleased at being woken up by a grown adult for a bit of sick.

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