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To think this is NOT breastfeeding

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wannabehippyandcrazycatlover Thu 09-Jun-16 18:47:10

Now, I'm one for thinking if it is two consenting adults then whatever floats your boat but I'm a bit hmm about this...

1. I feel it's sexualising breastfeeding (she claims that 6 times out of 7 they have sex).

2. It's NOT breastfeeding as no milk is being produced (at the minute anyway) and so it is essentially him sucking on her tits?

Scoopmuckdizzy Thu 09-Jun-16 23:46:32


Wanderingwondering Thu 09-Jun-16 23:49:03

Just when you think you've heard everything! shock

timelytess Thu 09-Jun-16 23:50:11

Yesterday's thread ABR

justdontevenfuckingstart Thu 09-Jun-16 23:51:39

I read this through another site this morning and thought it was one of the most fucked up things I have ever read. It's a sex thing, she is not feeding him
You want to do that then fine but don't dress it up as something it isn't.

Pinkheart5915 Thu 09-Jun-16 23:56:17

If that's what floats there boat, fair enough it takes all sorts but it's not breast feeding it's a strange sex act, breast feeding is for BABIES!!

Thingamajiggy Fri 10-Jun-16 00:11:13

Breastfeeding no. Whats scary is comments below the article. It's weird yes and should be called tit sucking rather than breastfeeding but frankly what people get up to in their own homes is their business.

KimmySchmidtsSmile Fri 10-Jun-16 00:21:05

Oh FFS. It's shit like this that makes the Bitty Brigade foaming when it come to extended bf.
Good luck to her, silly mare. I sometimes say my DP is like having a fourth kid when he's being a Man child but am I going to bf him, am I hell. This is all a bit Lactating Prostitute from Shoot 'em up territory.
I have bf three DC to 2yrs+. My breasts were off limits to DP for pretty much all of that time. I didn't want to be further messed with, ta very much. Each to their own but seriously too weird for me.

nancy75 Fri 10-Jun-16 00:26:06

I don't care what they do in their own home, I don't care what they call it, I do wonder what on earth possessed them to talk to the press about itconfused

Alisvolatpropiis Fri 10-Jun-16 00:28:05

Yanbu it is revolting and absolutely nothing like actual breastfeeding.

ollieplimsoles Fri 10-Jun-16 00:29:59

Too weird, and no its not breastfeeding..

What consenting couples get up to in their own private home is up to them, however they kind ruined that when they tried to be special and went to the media about this..

Sometimes when dh wont be quiet during a tv show we are watching, I squirt him him milk.

GreatFuckability Fri 10-Jun-16 00:43:12

shes attempting to induce lactation. that is breastfeeding. weird, strange, too much information about something i'd rather not knon about, but still breastfeeding.

Iknownuffink Fri 10-Jun-16 00:48:56

Her parents must be so proud.

nocoolnamesleft Fri 10-Jun-16 00:57:23

It's a fetish, isn't it. Now, what 2 consenting adults get up to in the privacy of their own home is absolutely only their own business. But splashing it all over the media? Poor taste.

Italiangreyhound Fri 10-Jun-16 01:01:09

Not feeding, just fetish.

OfficiallyUnofficial Fri 10-Jun-16 01:01:52

Her poor daughter!

LazyCake Fri 10-Jun-16 01:06:20

Agree with Thingamajiggy that it's just glorified tit-sucking right now, as the woman has not produced any milk.

I looked at the pic of him 'latched on' and found it more ridiculous than disgusting. More troubling than the act itself is the fact the woman has actually resigned her job in order to engage in this nonsense!?!

Philoslothy Fri 10-Jun-16 01:09:20

It isn't breastfeeding, it is an attempt by the paper to infer there is something weird about breastfeeding

user7755 Fri 10-Jun-16 01:26:48

I do wonder what on earth possessed them to talk to the press about it

I suspect it starts with M... and ends in ...oney

nancy75 Fri 10-Jun-16 01:29:49

I doubt if this type of story pays enough to make up for the ridicule they are going to have to put up with, but yep I guess some people will stop at nothing for their 15 minutes of fame!

user7755 Fri 10-Jun-16 01:31:01

I think that they might not have thought that far ahead!

Wonder what the 20 year old daughter makes of it confused

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