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AIBU to be annoyed about being "tricked" by friend?

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fieldofpurpleflowers Thu 09-Jun-16 18:31:23

There is a man in my social circle who I dislike. He always gets too drunk and I think has a shady moral character.

He propositioned me for sex when he was with his ex-girlfriend, and once abandoned me alone in a pub in an unfamiliar city while I was in the loo which I consider really rude and unfriendly. He is the type of man who will encourage you to go to a pub or club and he'll be "along in 5mins" then never turns up because he's decided his priorities lie elsewhere. On one of those occasions, it was a friend's special event and we ended up with hardly any numbers in the pub, which caused her to get very upset, and I was angry on her behalf. He kept lying saying he was on his way and then never appeared (why lie?). He borrowed some books and gave them back with fucked up covers and stains on them. Basically, self-centered and self-interested.

We had a chat and I said we're too different people and I feel like he's a dick so I'd rather not bother with him in the future.

Two of my girl friends are going to a gig tonight and tried to persuade me to go. One of them let slip that he was going - "oh is it because x will be there?". The other one had deliberately kept it quiet. A situation like that, with alcohol, is exactly the kind of interaction with him I want to avoid. It seems as though they've decided my reasons for disliking him aren't good enough because they're happy to tolerate him, so they're trying to force us to "make up".

AIBU to be a bit pissed off with her? I don't want any drama, which is exactly why I want to avoid him. He's aggressively tried to befriend me already, sending multiple "let's go for a drink" texts when I've made it clear I'm happier keeping my distance.

Janecc Thu 09-Jun-16 19:30:23

Tbh I think the problem may lie in your maturity levels. They sound as if they are more immature than you. Are they perhaps party, having fun friends? Do you also need a set of rely upon, more on your moral wave length friends?

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