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Pregnancy Hormones or should I be a bit irritated?

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AsthmaAndAutism Thu 09-Jun-16 09:50:57

Fully aware this could be a huge influx of unreasonable pregnancy hormones, so please be nice!

My DS who's 2, goes to nursery 3 mornings a week. He's missed several sessions due to illness and hospital appointments. Me and DH are very aware of keeping him off when he's ill as know (first hand) how annoying it is for illnesses to be passed from one child to another. We keep him off when he has a cold/cough/runny nappies and viral infections.

Yesterday morning, DS vomited, which is completely out the ordinary for him. He was never a sicky baby! Me and DH were worried, but after an hour or two of lots of water and making him keep still, he was fine.
He's continued to be fine all the way to this morning when he was due to go to nursery.
Me and DH discussed whether we should keep him off, and decided we would be silly to make him miss another day for one episode of vomit, considering he had no other symptoms and it was probably just the heat and the fact he'd been running about a lot.

DH took the 30 minute walk to the nursery this morning, and mentioned to two members of staff (one of which is DS key worker, and the other is the Deputy Manager) that DS had been sick yesterday morning, but had been fine ever since, and asked if they limit his outdoor activities as he won't wear a hat or tell you if he feels too hot (DS is Non-Verbal and has Autism)

BOTH members of staff said this was absolutely fine, agreed with DH that DS had probably caught a touch of the sun yesterday, but that he was fine to carry on in his session in nursery as he had no other symptoms.

After DH got home (so 30 odd minutes later) I got a call from the Manager at nursery, telling me I need to pick DS up right away (one member of staff had told her what DH had said) as they have a 48 hour policy regarding vomiting (understandable)
I explained to her that DH had spoken to two members of staff who had said he was fine to carry on his session as it was highly unlikely to be anything contagious, to which she just repeated about the 48hr policy and said; 'There's been lots of children in here with vomiting bugs, it could be that though. So can you come and get him.'

So my question now is, AIBU to think that the two members of staff should have told DH to bring DS home straight away AND mentioned that there was a bug going around nursery so parents could know what to watch out for?

I just feel so silly and upset! I knew about the 48 hr rule, and I'm kicking myself for sending him in, they must think I'm an idiot! But I'm also so irritated that they didn't just tell DH at drop off that they didn't want to risk it, in case it was a bug sad

Sorry this is so long! I actually nearly cried on the phone to the manager, my hormones are all over the place!

Pohara1 Thu 09-Jun-16 10:17:14

I worked at a nursery. If there was two or more kids with something, we sent out a letter telling parents of symptoms and reminding them of the sickness policies. So while your pregnancy might be making you more reactive (and congratulations ) YANBU to expect that the staff would have said something at the door.

JuxtapositionRecords Thu 09-Jun-16 10:19:32

You are overreacting- yes it's an annoying thing to happen but please don't let it stress you out this much. It's just one of those things.

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