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To not want to do my old job role at work?

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HelloHola Thu 09-Jun-16 08:55:41

I worked for my current company for a year in their telesales department, outbound calling businesses to try and sell them stuff. I absolutely hated it and it was really just seen by me as a stepping stone, as I had only just moved to the area.

It was so demoralising as you could use the same sales pitch and it works with one person great, then the next person would hate it and put the phone down on you. There was then the pressure from managers to get good quality but high quantity of leads.

As we were getting busier, I emailed my managers and admitted that I didn't see the position as a long term role, but would love to stay with the company and had noticed they had no one doing the much needed admin. They agreed and now I've been with the company in that position for a year and a half with a bit of a payrise.

Fast forward from first starting in the role and the company had a shift around and now there's a new sales manager and no telesales department - she and the boss have asked me if I would consider doing some telesales on the side, which I would get paid commission for.

I've said maybe- but I really want to say no. I don't feel like I should have to do anything from my old role when it was obvious I didn't like it and feel like it's a step back from my new role, which I think I'm really good at.


Energumene Thu 09-Jun-16 09:02:02

No, YANBU. I'd go back to them with details of companies who can do lead generation for your sales manager, such that they get a contractual level of results without the staffing overhead, and without it taking time away from your other duties.

Is this something you could try?

BirthdayBetty Thu 09-Jun-16 09:03:48

Yanbu, I done telesales many moons ago and hated it.

ABCAlwaysBeCunting Thu 09-Jun-16 09:08:41

I wouldn't do it. I did a similar role for a previous company, then got promoted to a different role. Unfortunately, the new role was made redundant after two years, but instead of laying me off, company tried to force me back into my previous role by giving it a different job title.

The thought of being trapped back on the desk on the phone filled me with horror and I ended up leaving rather than do it.

You will end up doing the telesales full time again and being expected to the the admin role too.

HelloHola Thu 09-Jun-16 09:52:31

Energumene - we're a very small business and at the moment are buying in some leads from companies like that, but it's not entirely sustainable as the leads can be so expensive. My boss is also very tight..

ABC I agree that I think a lot of my time will be taken up with telesales - I'm a little bit bitter as I don't understand why they got rid of the telesales department, then don't expect this new sales person to do the sales work!

ABCAlwaysBeCunting Thu 09-Jun-16 10:10:48

I'm guessing because the salesperson views their role as going out and doing the face-to-face bit whereas you would be expected to do lead generation for them (apologies if this is wrong).

It really sounds like they're trying to cut costs by getting you to do two jobs but presenting it as 'a few calls now and then' to edge you into it. I would not do it.

HelloHola Thu 09-Jun-16 11:02:39

ABC I agree with you on that- the salesperson will be going out and about, but if they wanted to start generating leads they should have employed someone else too.

I'm not sure how to phrase it when it comes up again though. I want to make it clear I'm refusing, but then I don't want to look like I'm not willing to help the business out, if you know what I mean?

ABCAlwaysBeCunting Thu 09-Jun-16 11:10:15

Energumene's suggestion sounds like a good one to me!

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