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.. to think that "I fear for my sons" and ..

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BertrandRussell Thu 09-Jun-16 07:54:44

"I feel sorry for my sons" are just new ways of saying "I hate feminists"?

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Thu 09-Jun-16 07:56:10

YABU. It might be a new way of saying I hate man-haters who blame men for everything, but NAFALT.

Thefitfatty Thu 09-Jun-16 07:56:11

Is that a new way? I've been hearing it for decades.


AnnPerkins Thu 09-Jun-16 07:58:17


Bolograph Thu 09-Jun-16 08:00:45


YABU to have a singular noun phrase ("I feel sorry for my sons") taking are, not is.

BertrandRussell Thu 09-Jun-16 08:03:47

Two singular sentences connected by "and" and ellipsis take "are"

Challenge my feminism- but not my grammar! grin

PPie10 Thu 09-Jun-16 08:04:04

Yabu , you got that leap of a conclusion from that confused

Bolograph Thu 09-Jun-16 08:10:48

You're right, I didn't notice you were running the subject into the message and just read the message. Sorry.

branofthemist Thu 09-Jun-16 08:16:28

Yabu I worry for my Dd and my ds for different reasons.

I didn't want my Dd to be pigeon holed because of her gender. I didn't realise until I had ds, how much it happens to boys as well.

So yes I do have concerns for my son as he grows. Just as I have concerns for my Dd.

Why that means I hate feminists, I have no idea

Trills Thu 09-Jun-16 08:19:28

I agree.

I see what you mean branofthemist but most people saying things like this will mean

those darn feminists making life hard for boys


the patriarchy is bad for boys too, we all need feminism.

Jasonandyawegunorts Thu 09-Jun-16 08:22:44

Depends on the context...

For example If you've gone back in time and king Herod is in town....

JassyRadlett Thu 09-Jun-16 08:23:10

Exactly what Trills says.

I have two boys. I don't fear for them because the nasty feminists are trying to make sure things are more equal and men don't get a free pass to be misogynist fuckwits.

I fear for them because they're growing up in a society where boys and men are still encouraged to behave like misogynist fuckwits.

enterYourPassword Thu 09-Jun-16 08:26:52

"It might be a new way of saying I hate man-haters who blame men for everything"

Absolutely this!

LittleLionMansMummy Thu 09-Jun-16 08:27:54

What Jassy said. I want to raise him to view women as equals yet am battling with casual and subtle (and also sometimes blatant) sexism all around us. I also think there's huge pressure on boys 'to be boys' still - so they're wussy if they cry or show their feelings and absolutely must play football to be considered a real boy etc.

witsender Thu 09-Jun-16 08:28:31

Yanbu. Lazy, lazy thought process.

Alisvolatpropiis Thu 09-Jun-16 08:33:06

Well in some contexts I get it, education (though they do make up for it in their working lives, pay gap anyone?).

But usually no. So overall Yanbu.

Quiero Thu 09-Jun-16 08:35:13

I totally agree. I do fear for my son for many reasons, most of them linked to expectations of him created by the patriarchy.

I also feel really confident and proud of how he understands feminism and will be a better man for it. If you think feminism is the greatest threat to your sons, I'm sorry but you really need to do some reading.

Rebecca2014 Thu 09-Jun-16 08:35:58

Its why so many women now say "I'm not a feminist but..." They have made feminist a dirty word.

MrsDeVere Thu 09-Jun-16 08:36:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fuckincuntbuggerinarse Thu 09-Jun-16 08:41:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fuckincuntbuggerinarse Thu 09-Jun-16 08:42:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

idsisatwat Thu 09-Jun-16 08:42:48


What MrsDeVere said.

I have a DD and a DS, definitely think of myself as a feminist. But I worry far more about my DS. There is more protection for girls, boys are always seen as the aggressor.

BaldBaby1970 Thu 09-Jun-16 08:47:28

MrsDeVere - that is one of the most sensible posts I have ever read on Mumsnet.

Querty12345 Thu 09-Jun-16 08:49:21


Itsmine Thu 09-Jun-16 08:51:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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