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AIBU to think my contractor needs to put this right?

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youdialwetile Thu 09-Jun-16 01:46:35

The contractor installed the toilet today and it looks like this. Not very happy but the tile guy says he can patch it with grout and sealant and we should install a "sanitary flange". I thought he could take out the tile, cut it, and do a better job cutting a new tile. Apparently it's not that easy - am I being too picky - can it just be patched? - or should I stand my ground (ps: I have enough extra tile to redo the whole wall if we need to).

Magstermay Thu 09-Jun-16 01:57:21

No experience of this situation but I wouldn't be happy if I'd paid a professional and not got a perfect job. However I believe it would be very difficult to take out a single tile so if would probably be a whole wall job.

VioletBam Thu 09-Jun-16 02:51:28

YANBU. I'm a bit overtly relaxed about things but that's right where moisture could get in...pee to be specific! I would ask for a discount and for grout.

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