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To take a pay-cut for better hours?

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lecturealia Wed 08-Jun-16 21:12:23

I'm very tempted to apply for a new job (I think I would have a good chance of getting it as my experience matches it well). I'm looking for advice/ perspectives before I go through the whole process of applying as I want to be sure that I would take it if offered.

I currently work in a health-related profession in frontline health services. While this is rewarding in many ways, I am on my way to burnout if I am honest. I am in quite a senior role and on a good salary but work a 4 day week so it is pro rata.

I have seen a full-time lecturing job (in my exact area of expertise) advertised. I have wanted to move away from direct treatment work for some time and would love to work in a university setting again (have done a bit in the past). Although the job is full-time, I would only be lecturing during semesters and there would be quite a bit of flexibility with my time in terms of working from home etc, which really appeals to me. The salary is quite a bit lower than my current one, about 30% less if looking at equivalent full-time salaries but only a 10% difference if comparing my current part-time hours to the lecturing job. We could live with the drop in salary and I could supplement my income with doing a bit of frontline health work as a sideline.

I guess I'm just wondering if I might be a bit foolish to knowingly take what is technically a lower salary? Even though I feel this opportunity has a lot to offer in other ways? Anyone care to give me a shake or egg me on, all voices welcome. Thank you.

twobambinos Wed 08-Jun-16 21:15:15

I have taken jobs with lower salary before because I hated my existing job and I would consider it again. It's entirely what you place the value on, the money or the job satisfaction, work life balance, change of scenery etc. Can't you go for the interview and if you are offered decide then. Sometimes in interviews more information comes to light to sway your mind one way or the other

TiredOfSleep Wed 08-Jun-16 21:15:24

Sounds perfect! definitely go for it!

lecturealia Wed 08-Jun-16 21:17:20

Thanks for your replies and encouragement! I will most likely go for the interview and find out more then, its just that there's a certain amount of effort involved in filling in application, interview preparation etc and I want to feel sure that I'm genuinely up for it if they offer it to me (which of course they may not!).

Philoslothy Wed 08-Jun-16 21:19:06

Yes, have done so myself

suitcaseofdreams Wed 08-Jun-16 21:20:04

If you can be completely sure that the new job would genuinely offer more flexibility then I'd say definitely go for it - from what you have said above there is absolutely no reason not to :-)

My only caveat would be whether the new job might involve more than you think. I base this not on personal experience but that of a friend who took a lecturing role - not the same industry as you but similar situation in that it was pay cut but promised flexibility etc. She found that in reality she was working more hours in the new role than the old, for less money. Huge amounts of preparation time needed for every lecture, lots of time spent on pastoral issues with students etc. She ended up returning to a 'front line' post in her industry after a year....

That said I would def apply for the job and use the interview as an opportunity to find out more about whether the role really offers what you are looking for

Good luck!

lecturealia Wed 08-Jun-16 21:22:50

Thanks suitcaseofdreams you are right, there is likely to be a lot of intense work involved in the lecturing job, particularly in the first year. Its just that the semesters do not last for the whole year (as my current working life does). Also it would be a different type of pressure/ stress and after so many years working in health, any kind of work that is not health-related seems like play to me though I appreciate that this would wear off in time.

thelostboy Wed 08-Jun-16 21:29:22

I went part time/term time at the beginning of the year. Best thing we've ever done. We can afford it, my job was doing my head in, family life and health was suffering.

My boss hates me for it, but I'm now chilled enough to not give a f.....

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